2nd floor plumbing

Since my kids have left for college and there is no one on the second floor, I’m thinking of renting the upstairs bedroom on Airbnb. I was going to rent to only 1 guest although I have 2 bedrooms upstairs.

I’d rather not share my downstairs kitchen though since I’ve heard from everyone about the sharing kitchen problems. The other upstairs bedroom has a small closetlike room with a built-in vanity which I would like to make into a mini-kitchen then make the bedroom a living area with a convertible futon. But I’m not certain how a sink and plumbing could be added to a 2nd floor.

Anyone add a bathroom or kitchen to a 2nd floor? How do they do the plumbing?

I’m a retired builder and it should be very easy if the room has existing pipework for the vanity unit.
Ring a plumber for a quote.

A vanity (as I’m picturing it) wouldn’t have any existing plumbing in the wall. How plumbing is done depends on age and construction of house. It’s one of the more expensive jobs to have done but adding a second bathroom to the home could add to the resale value of the home.

Thank you for your suggestions. I can’t see any existing plumbing in the attic space behind the vanity room. The room, however, is directly above my downstairs bathroom.

Amusing how the same word in different locations means different things, Vanity unit in the uk is a cupboard that has the bathroom sink sat on it. Oh well back to the drawing board.

If the room below is a bathroom or kitchen then its still a simple job, not necessarily a cheap job as plumbers are like gold dust.

Also in the uk its rare to find any pipework inaccessible in a wall, strange world we live in.

We also have vanity sinks but a vanity in a closet like area probably doesn’t have one. Here where I live in the US new construction is on a solid concrete foundation. To access the sewer you have to break into the concrete.
No crawlspaces or basements. My home doesn’t even have an attic. The pipework IS accessible in the wall, if it’s there. I was wondering if this home has any water already in the wall.

If this is an older home in the eastern part of the country or their is plumbing in close proximity below (as you pointed out) it might

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My house does have a crawlspace. I’ll contact a plumber to see.