27 Airbnb Ranking Factors

Thought I’d share this great article with everyone on 27 Airbnb ranking factors that affect where your listing shows up: https://remotescale.com/airbnb-ranking-factors/.


Darn it, I’m already stuck. I have a hard time with blog posts where the author doesn’t put any importance on using “proper” English and grammar. I supposed I’m old fashioned and 99% of his intended audience doesn’t care. This is one of the first sentences and it has two errors. That just makes me want to click away, not scroll down. Edit to add: I am going to read the article, despite my misgivings. :slight_smile:

“If you’ve ever heard me talk about “driving the click”, the except above is the reason for it’s importance.”

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I noticed that too but the content is quite good, despite the egregious grammatical errors :wink:.

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It’s interesting to see the ranking and description of many of the factors we’ve discussed here. For example he concurs with my conclusion that “the busier you are, the busier you will be” and that snoozing the calendar or blocking days for vacation or remodeling will slow you down.

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Interesting—I didn’t catch the grammar errors until I slowed down and actually read every word. When I skimmed the article, I didn’t notice.

Yes, many of the items listed were as this group thought: availability of the listing, recency of calendar or listing maintenance, review stars & more.

There are two items on the list I found intriguing: Listing word count and listing description length. I wonder what the optimal description is. Any ideas?

I couldn’t find any recommendations on the internet or Airbnb website.

There is a part of me that says grammar is really overrated. And younger folk really don’t care. It is what it is. Soon enough it will be all phonetic spelling with no punctuation.

Those have been mentioned here previously but it’s been awhile. Interestingly there is a listing description length limit so maybe closer to the limit is better but overall listing word count perhaps not?

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It might be related to a Google SEO factor that Airbnb has incorporated or copied into their algorithm. I know with Google search ranking, they prioritize content that within what they consider to be the best length for useful content.

Taking a listing off or turning it off/on definitely does affect the bookings you get. We did this with our in-laws listings and there was a huge slowdown in the following months. Essentially anything Airbnb hosts can do to make booking easier and faster and attract more guests (e.g. more amenities, open availability, Instant Book etc) will all help to prioritize your listings because in the end it helps Airbnb make more money. Oh and of course they’re helping more people travel like locals…:smirk: