25% of 50% COVID refund

Here’s an update that I just saw on a different forum. No idea of the validity but…

Another Update From Airbnb

We have updated this article “$250M to support hosts impacted by cancellations” What you need to know:

  • We have begun to pay out eligible hosts from our $250M program on Thursday April 16th

  • If you are eligible but have not yet received a notification from Airbnb, your payment may be scheduled for the coming days or in the next batch.

  • You’ll see each payment in your transaction history, and you’ll receive an email from Airbnb detailing the amount per eligible reservation.

  • Payments will be sent to the default payment method in your account within five to seven business days.

  • Only guest-initiated cancellations that would’ve normally resulted in host revenue are eligible for payments.

One thing to mention: Our Community Support does not have information about your payments, so there’s no need to contact Airbnb to check on the status of processing.

This is sort of a vent but also an FYI

I decided to do a spreadsheet to see about what I would be owed under Airbnb’s COVID policy to receive 25 percent of the cancellation fee and inquire as to when I should expect to be paid.

So I send my query off to customer support (Along with my spreadsheet) and the guy has me wait 10 minutes and then tells me about the Superhost “Grant” fund. I have to explain to him that this is not what I have inquired about and send him the info about the refund policy.

I then wait again for another 10 minutes only to be told that this is a different department. I ask for clarification and get a supervisor and here’s what he told me:

Yes, you are correct. You will receive 25% of your cancellation policy if a guest cancelled their reservation with our COVID-19 extenuating circumstances policy.

“As of this moment, there is no definite date as to when the payouts will be released. Airbnb will be sending you updates through email to inform you of this.”

Now wasn’t that helpful? These are reservations would have already happened.

And then I get this message: I am glad that I was able to resolve your concern. (Um, no)


I posted about the same thing yesterday. I received notification of ONE of my reservations getting the 25% so I contacted them asking “what about the other ones that were prior to this one?” and they responded that they would look into it. It took 24-48 hours to get a response but they said I should be eligible. They said I have to wait another few days for the amounts to show up, and to contact them if nothing happens.

What i don’t understand is, what kind of system is this if it’s not working unless I make them aware of the reservations? It makes zero sense. Squeaky wheel always get the oil I guess. Keep on them or you will get zero!

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Super frustrated they are doing this piece by piece and sent blanket generic responses to all my questions. I would like to know if you are giving me money towards my mortgage payment, so no not feeling Uber patient right now. Trying to figure out how long I can hold onto this property!

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So it looks like your CS rep gave you a completely different answer than mine did.

I honestly think they will tell you anything to get you off the phone.


Haha. So true.

I sent a website contact through the messaging system and they responded quite quickly actually. The problem is, the 25% on a sale of 2k only ends up being about $250 id imagine. That doesn’t help a ton with the mortgage.

Luckily, I have a full-time job, as does my significant other. I do notice instacart shoppers are extremely busy these days, it might be an option for you if you’ve got no income and some time. There are also sba loans that you can apply for. Most are forgiven without repayment but who knows who qualifies for that…

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I agree but this time I was on chat so I have it in writing but that means nothing.

So, If all goes well, my self-employed job in which I have no work right now will be getting unemployment benefits. I was a beta tester for the new website they set up for us self-employed and 1099 workers so I know in 4 days if I will get unemployment and for how much and how long. .I actually did apply for an Amazon Whole Foods shopper but didn’t get the job LOL - I used to work on the side as a private chef where most of my clients’ wanted Whole Foods so I know the most of their product line and know where everything is located. MY best guess is that they wanted younger folks.

In regards to the SBA - the PPP (only to protect employee salaries) doesn’t apply and they ran out of money. As for the other program EIDL - I’ve applied but haven’t heard back. Money really isn’t flowing the way the government implied.

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i am sorry. It sounds like you’re putting in a good effort and I think something will work out soon. Hopefully, the ue benefits. I would do the instacart thing myself if I had time. I’ve been ordering a ton because I am stuck on the computer working all day. Shopping for people is kind of dangerous though I guess since you’re out in the world :confused: let me know how it goes with the loan.

Did you have a strict policy? Are you looking into getting a longer term renter?

All I am finding right now are scammers, people who want to pay off platform or stay longer than 28 days. My state has very strict tenant rules and I can’t risk getting a squatter right now. Had to throw out one guest already who was trying to overstay their booking.

On the one hand I really want the money but I can’t risk getting stuck with someone who won’t leave and won’t pay. Also, of course they want the place for 75 percent off.

I have experienced exactly the same vagueness from Airbnb in regards the 25% payout. Then thanking me for my understanding. I am doing an insurance claim for business interruption. Airbnb will not confirm or deny any payout, therefore i could possibly be commiting insurance fraud because of their non commitment one way or another. It is utterly disgusting that they have taken charge of our businesses. Also having spoken to all my Airbnb bookings today, they are liars too. As hosts we are told and I quote:

" Reservations for stays and Airbnb Experiences made on or before March 14, 2020, with a check-in date between March 14, 2020 and May 31, 2020, may be canceled before check-in. This means that guests who cancel will receive, at their option, travel credit or a full cash refund"

Guests are not being offered full refunds at all, JUST travel vouchers.

If they chose to rebook with you for 2021 for example, they are forced to pay Airbnb in full for their future reservation!

For the record, another employee responded and confirmed one specific payout is eligible for 25% and one of mine I not (where I entered the cancellation bc of our city’s ban on short term rentals.)

I see via this post that emails and/or payments started going out on April 16. I have yet to receive one single email in regards to my payouts. Is anyone having luck with receiving the 25%? Also have any super hosts been contacted about the grants that are being offered to super hosts.

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In my post I said I saw that message from another forum but could not verify the source. No one really knows. Especially the Airbnb customer service reps.

I received one 25% payout for a trip that would have recently completed in April. I have a few in March that I received nothing for that I know qualify. I am hoping those start coming through soon.

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I’ve received nothing, and they did say “mid-April”. The company does have the cash on hand, so we know that at least they’re not insolvent. I suspect that it requires manual calculation or review and they’re totally swamped with the volumes.

I received my email today with a list of 4 reservations and the amounts that I would be refunded for each. I am actually pretty pleased with this. Hopefully you all can find some answers!

More like7% not 25% , just got an email from Airbnb with the projected 25% Covid payout . I have a strict cancelation policy and over 18k in canceled bookings want to guess what 25% is of that ? Ha, $1449. Once again Airbnb pulled the rug from under our feet. If they did not collect full amount due prior to the reservation , they will only pay us 25% on what has been collected . so once again , thanks for making me feel so special Airbnb you are really looking out for the hosts , not.

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