24/7 Automated entry, 20-30% energy savings & more

Hey everyone,

I’m a co-founder for Slickspaces so full disclosure below is a plug for our software.

We just launched a kickstarter campaign you can see at:
slickspaces.com / crowdfund (sorry I’m not allowed links, you can also just google slickspaces it’ll come up right away).

We are providing hosts with an automated, secure approach to provide your guests with 24/7 check in. We use a combination of our smart intercom solution for apartment buildings and a list of reliable smart keypad locks from Weiser (Kwikset in USA) and Yale. Guests get an access code so no app is required and the experience is intuitive even for some of your less tech savvy guests. On top of that we have several cost effective thermostats and light switches which allow us to set back your thermostat and turn off lights when your guests leave your home.

Take a look at our kickstarter video shot in a beautiful suite in Victoria that is using our system. If you have any questions please reach out to us through email (Mathew@slickspaces.com) or on our facebook page slickspacestech

Our pricing starts at 25 USD per month.

Help us to make your lives easier!

Mathew Hunter