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2021 scheduled messages

Dear Fellow Hosts:
Am I the only one who is delighted with the new feature of “scheduled messages” that allow hosts to create “personalized” messages that can be set to be sent to guests at specific times (e.g. 30 minutes after booking, a day before check-out, etc.)?

Quite possibly.


It’s probably just me but I like to keep things as personal as possible when it comes to messages to guests. All guests are different and their needs differ message-wise.

It only takes a few minutes to message a guest from the phone especially if you have some standard saved ones.

I remember from the early days of social media how companies used to get into a real mess using scheduled messages and then sending out live messages contradicting themselves or sending the wrong message to the wrong account using services such as Hootsuite or Tweetdeck.

The cynical side of me thinks that there will soon be complaints posted here that the guest didn’t get the scheduled message…


I would never assume that Airbnb tech will work as it’s supposed to, considering their “Glitches R Us” m.o.

If I used them, I would either ask the guest to confirm they received them, or check that they did, especially for things like check-in info sent the day before.


I’m the same. New developments are just another thing that can go wrong until the gremlins are ironed out. Scheduled messages are just a complication to me. If I had to check with guests that they had received them then I’m not saving time anyway.


@KKC @muddy @jaquo I love that I can automate the content of each message so that each message mentions the guest’s name, date of arrival and departure, and so on. The messages have prompted favorable responses from guests because they do seem personal and not automated templates. As I have other obligations besides hosting, it has saved me time and it makes me happy to have such feature available. However, I understand the skepticism of my fellow hosts.


I don’t there’s anything wrong with scheduled messages, I just wouldn’t trust that the guest got them unless they confirmed that they did.

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