2018 income tax - where to report?

hey there, i’m wondering how to report my u.s. airbnb income. there’s schedule e for rental income, but the rules seem to state this is for passive income as a landlord, and if you provide substantial services, then you can report it on schedule c. i do my own cleaning, and take an active role as host.

the advantage of reporting on schedule c (self-employment) is that i’m contributing to my social security account, which increases the amount of the check i’ll be starting to get in a couple of years.

i’d like to know how people handle it, in general. are you reporting as a landlord only, or as a service provider?

many thanks

There’s already a thread on this topic

thanks so much. i did a search before posting, and found only posts older than 4 years. ooops

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I think the question is different from the previous topic. The question is where to report. As far as I know ABB will only report your income to IRS if you make over 20 (or 24k) annually. I don’t know the exact amount because I’m not even close to that. I also know that for schedule C you have to have a company (an EIN number etc). I do not. I do have a full time job so when it comes to ABB I am a simple landlord and therefore I report my income in section E. Yes I do my own cleaning with a few exceptions. So even if I were to form a company and pay quarterly taxes, I don’t see how this would benefit my social security, unless I use the income from ABB to pay for social security (which I am not). I do my own taxes and use turbo tax and report the income on schedule E and that’s it. Pretty straightforward.

No it’s the same question: Schedule E or C. It’s confusing to have multiple posts on the same topic in more than one place so I’m going to close this thread thanks.