2 Rooms vs whole apartment

Any thoughts? Are there significant advantages over another? Organising cleaning between bookings is tricky, but i found a co-host who is willing to do all the cleaning for 2 private rooms. My thoughts are for Rooms, although revenue is likely to be lower, but you are also more shielded against empty bookings by having 2 revenue steams instead of one. You also get to check in on your property anytime u wish.

I just got dinged because 1 guest didn’t flush and the other didn’t like it, I live on site and check the guest bathroom frequently. Lots more of this sort of thing would go on if you weren’t there.

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You need to do the research for your area and see what is likely to be most popular with the sort of guest you target for your property.

You are much more likely to get bad reviews if you list a whole property with individual rooms because of guest behaviour.

Don’t understand your final point.

I would highly suggest whole apartment. I’m doing both at the moment but for the last month Im only booked for whole apartment and I prefer it. You can make one listing for each room and then one listing for the whole apartment and connect them to avoid overbooking. The most usual trouble I had with renting by the room is people coming and realising that they will share the house “with strangers” and they didnt know about it (mentioned 100 times in description).

In my book, two separate rooms is only acceptable if the host lives onsite.


I agree with @GutHend. If you are there as “den mother” two sets of stranger guests are much more likely to behave around each other.