2 hilarious guest requests this evening

Are your most excellent guests from all over the world? Maybe some of this is cultural, and has to do with expectations.

I have had a guest like this once. I gave her five stars as well for being so considerate.

Yes, they are from all over the world. To date, that has mostly been from Europe but also from other parts of the world too, such as Australia.

I think you’re right about expectations too. As far as I’m concerned, it’s my expectations of the guests that are realistic. For example, I expect my guests to be quiet and relatively clean. That’s about all.

Also, as I mentioned before, I’m right there on the spot so can usually stop any unsociable behaviour before it starts. That’s a great help too.

Not many Americans?

At a guess, I’d say about 20% are from the US. South Florida is popular with Canadians too - also I get guests from Central and South America.

I’ve had many American guests, as well as guests from other areas of the world. None of my American guests had unreasonable expectations. I haven’t found them to be any different from my guests from Europe or elsewhere. That could have something to do with only hosting solo travelers, and/or being a homeshare.

We have a (non Airbnb) condo in the non-ritzy part of Boca

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Men lie, women lie but cameras don’t.

I hope you have CCTV and if so, I’d be interested so see whether 20 people show up. In my experience the guest saying 20, usually means 40+

it’s a hen’s party, so it’s women only. she pitched it as a “subdued garden party” :rofl: but actually we have a bullet proof space to host events, it’s fine, and we have plenty of room to park cars, and we live on site, which they know, and yes, we have cameras over the event space too (have 24 cameras on the farm in total). this space has a large table, bitumen and gravel, a kitchen space, can be hosed down and you can’t do any damage. we got new benches made that are iron, bulletproof! vomit in the paddocks, we don’t care. we’ve hosted plenty of teen parties to date, we can handle it.

and she has agreed to pay my fee AND wants pizzas so i’m charging her p/p for that, and the benefit of that is that hubby and i will have our eye on them while we do that job. I think we will make another $700 for that one night. Not every party is a disaster, people have events every single weekend and they are hosted somewhere. Our place is great because our neighbours aren’t close and the ladies can cackle away til the wee hours for all we care. my only real concern is:
are they going to have gluten free and dairy free requests. :rofl:


Yeah, whatever you do, don’t forget the gluten-free shampoo. :wink:

ha, you think that’s satire! i remember a few years back seeing “gluten free” on milk… :roll_eyes:

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Actually it was satire of reality. My daughter had bottles of shampoo and conditioner that boasted “Gluten Free!”.
(She isn’t so naive that she doesn’t understand that gluten intolerance has to do with one’s digestive track, not their scalp, nor that shampoo would ever have any reason to contain gluten- she just bought it cause it was on sale)


and organic table salt :rofl: :rofl:

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