2 hilarious guest requests this evening

1st girl - 2 stays, 5* but the 2nd one is a Ukraine donation thing.
Hi Gillian, looking to book this beautiful Cottage for girls weekend away. Would like to host nice garden hens party on the Saturday night. Hope this is ok? Thank you, T

so upon further questioning she wants to have a “low key” party for 20 people.

2nd group. joined in July 2022, zero trips yet.
Hi is it possible to checking in early like 8 or 9 am as we checking out same day near 4 pm . Thanks

I have responded to each but anyone want to have a crack at a super polite response?

I’m actually entertaining the first one, we’ve hosted a hens group before and we are on a 100acre farm and have a great event space to put them. So the conversation has progressed further.

but of course she’s struggled to find a space to host her party FOR FREE. lol.
her initial booking is for 6pax, for 2 nights, which is over $1000 for her.
We do have the space for all the cars and people, i’m a touch concerned about the toilet situation but reminding myself that girls only wee at events is reassuring… overall i’m not keen on this one, as this is peak summer hols, but if the alternative is a family with 3 annoying kids and 2 dogs, for the same money, i’m kinda thinking this one is ok if she agrees to pay more.

the 2nd one is a big NO, fk off type thing, but I don’t want to decline the request in case that’s hurting some magical algo recipe.

so who has the politest decline phrase?


I would just reply "Our bookings run from XX afternoon check with a check out at XX time. What you are requesting would take up two nights of booking. If you would like to book the two nights, please let us know and we will send a reservation adjustment. If this isn’t going to work for you, we kindly request that you withdraw your request to book.

Note - if they just sent in an inquiry and not a request to book, I would not send the above message. I would just reply promptly with. Sorry, but not possible.


Twenty people, sounds like a party. Thought parties were no longer allowed on Air. Why would you do that?


well they aren’t allowed on ABB but we have a 100acre farm and a space to have 20 person event. it’s not going to turn into a house party with guns and shootings…

  1. australia - no gun violence
  2. hens night - women only, and dare i suggest that skinny millenials are lightweights? 2 drinks and they’re OUT, lol. it’s not a big risk.

and I’ve quoted them $500 as a base rate for this event, plus more if they want us to make them pizzas.


Don’t decline.

“Check in in the morning is usually not available as the guests from the night before are still occupying the space. If you check out at 4pm there’s no time to clean the space for a guest that night. So to check in at 8 am and check out at 4pm would require that you book the night of the xxth and the the xxth.”

I don’t mind someone booking a day stay if I’m only booking every other day. But obviously if one does back to back bookings, they don’t work.


Hi, this is possible only if you also book the previous night as well.


Of course you are welcome to come early on X day, all you need to do is book the night before to ensure it is available.

Send a special offer with the extra day, no discount.



My usual response to such requests is: “Hi %first_name%, thanks for your inquiry.”

Nothing more. I don’t respond to any of their questions. They keep waiting for my response to their questions, but they won’t get anything. They conclude that I’m not a good host since I didn’t answer their questions. This is exactly how I want them to think of me: a bad host they should not book with.


You wouldn’t accept the booking if they paid for two nights?


When did that become a thing?


Here is one cut-and-paste that I used just last week – the guest responded by amending her reservation to start (and pay for) a day earlier:

We would be pleased to welcome your family to check in one hour early at 3:00pm. A 9:00am check-in is actually two hours BEFORE check-out time for a guest staying with us the previous night, and we need several hours after their departure 11:00am to do a deep cleaning before the suite is ready for incoming guests. If you want access to the suite before 3:00pm it is a simple matter of changing your arrival date from December 15 to December 14, but you need to request this change if you want us to make it. Please let us know your decision on this matter.


Is this a Southern Belle thing?

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I must be missing something, as that doesn’t make sense to me. If you claimed to have a guest checking out at 11am the day guest #2 wanted to check in at 9am, how could they book the previous night?

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I think that was just worded confusingly. Gillian might mean that a girl’s event means they won’t be whipping it out and peeing on the lawn or the gardens or having bad aim in the bathroom?

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Ah, that’s probably it. Thank you.

I didn’t claim to have a guest – the night before was still open to someone else booking it, and would remain so unless she booked it. I could not commit to 9am checkin without taking the room off the market, and was not prepared to do that for her unless she paid for access at 9am by booking the previous night.

The guest was not at all confused, and booked the previous night without any grumbling


“A guest staying the previous night” sounded to me like a specific guest, not guests in general, that’s why it was confusing to me.

It’s good that your guest wasn’t confused, but I guess I would state it a bit differently- "Our normal check-out time is 11am, giving us several hours to
clean before new guests check in at 4pm. So to ensure the possibility of an early check-in, the previous night must be booked, otherwise it is open to other bookings and subject to an 11am check-out and 4pm check-in time for the following guests.

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I have tried this with multiple guests but none of them agreed to pay for the extra night.

There was one guest who did it without even asking, so I don’t count that.

I just figured that the guests who want an early morning check-in are either clueless about the logistics of early check-in or they are free loaders. Neither are desirable guests.


In the case of my guest who recently requested early (9am) checkin – she booked he dates last summer but only booked the flights this month. Didn’t realize when she booked the room that she would be landing before breakfast. This is someone who is actually moving to this city to go to university, not a vacationer. She is staying with us for a few weeks until getting settled.

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If even one percent of guests asking for early check in pay for it, it’s worth my trouble. All I have to do is paste in a saved message. Double fee for a guest who wants to stay 8 hours (like Gillian’s request above)? Absolutely, sign me up.

I try not to be prejudiced against guests that I don’t know. Just because other guests didn’t want to pay for an extra night doesn’t mean the next one won’t.

As long as you have all the bookings you want, and it seems that you do, then use the methods that satisfy you.