1st time leaving bad review, need a hand

Hello, it’s finally happened and I think I need to leave a bad review.
Guest came along with her friend who stayed one night with her, then the next night had a guy stay instead, but didn’t advise us of the change. So I came home, heard a guys voice and got a bit confused.
She also left the door unlocked all night after coming in late, didn’t lock it after checkout and instead of putting our keys in the lockbox when she left just put them in the mailbox. We text and asked her to please put them in the lockbox and she just ignored us.
She was super loud and left makeup and other oily marks on the sheets, which luckily I have scrubbed out so probably don’t need to mention.
Am I being petty? This is bad review worthy isn’t it?
What should I say? Sorry, first bad review seems quite daunting!

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Cannot recommend xx guest. She brought men (not on the reservation) to our home to spend the night with her, did not properly return keys, did not lock the home as requested, did not respond to communications and left oily make up stains on the sheets. Thumbs down.


Sometimes we need to take some responsibility ourselves when things don’t go just right. For example, the door locks. We used to have some issues with people locking other guests out or not returning keys. Then we installed a keypad lock. It was less than $60. You give guests a code and no need to worry about keys. It also self-locks so no more concerns with that. Problem solved.

As far as bringing in another guest, yes that was wrong. But she did have 2 guests on the reservation. She just swapped one for another. It’s not like she was trying to avoid paying. I could understand a guest not realizing that was unacceptable.

The loudness and messiness is worth mentioning in the review.

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I would say exactly what @konacoconutz wrote. Nothing more; nothing less.


Unless you have housemates who occasionally bring hookups home after hours as I seem to recall young people do (it’s been a while) I would be horrified for a guest to invite a complete stranger into my space and not ask permission. I think Kona put it very well.

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