15% discount from nowhere

Dear fellow hosts,
I just got an extended stay instant booking at a rate lower than anticipated. I was puzzled until I checked my listing and was shocked to see a 15% discount for stays over x days. I never-ever offer that type of discount, I think the most I ever offered was 4% and about a week ago I eliminated any discount at all because my rates are reasonable and I don’t need to offer any incentives.
So, after seeing the 15% discount I deleted it from my listing and saved it. Minutes later I checked the listing again and the 15% was back!!
Has anyone experienced anything similar? Do I have any recourse?

I’ve been getting screen shots of these glitches. In my case, it opened booking a year ahead when I had it set for 3 months. The setting was changed to allow booking far into the future.

Try to reset it again and screen shot it. Then screen shot when it hasn’t changed, and call Customer Disservice. Tell them that you want AIR to cancel the booking because of the system error and it won’t let you turn off the discount which you never turned on. When they don’t understand ask for a supervisor. Keep pushing. Be firm. Insist that THEY cancel, not you.

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When I set up my new place, an early booking got 15% discount for a week which I did not put in the system. Think maybe Air had it as default. After I saw that, I ended up reducing the discount.
So many things to pay attention to when setting up a rental.