15 days later...reviews missed

I have missed at least 3 reviews from very satisfied guests that didn’t know about Airs 15 days limit, they tried to extend the 15 days and be able to make a review but Air support refused the limit extension…
How many reviews you guys lost in this way and why Air is keeping up this limit?
I really don’t get it…

If your guests don’t know about the 14 day limit, then they simply aren’t reading the messages that AirBNB sends them. By my count, guests receive at least three messages about leaving a review. Each of these messages includes how many days they have left to review, clearly stated.

It is just as likely that your guests didn’t think it was important to leave a review.

To my knowledge, I have never had a guest who wanted to leave a review and didn’t due to the 14-day limitation. Wait, there was that nice young man from London, but his problem wasn’t the day factor, but that his phone hiccuped, the review was submitted, but for some reason never appeared again. The “system” thought he had left a review so wouldn’t allow him to write it again, but the “system” failed to move it to the appropriate location.


I’m not sure how many reviews I’ve “lost”, but you can do things to encourage your guests to leave a review. Besides the email reminders that Airbnb sends, your guests will get an additional notice when you review them. You can also politely send them a note asking for a review if you’d like. I still don’t get reviews from all my guests, but it is what it is.

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I have missed at least 3 reviews from very satisfied guests that didn’t know about Airs 15 days limit, they tried to extend the 15 days and be able to make a review but Air support refused the limit extension

Do you mean that you pestered the guests after their stay? Everyone has their own hosting style but to me, that’s really not on.

Airbnb sends guests plenty of emails after a stay so I suspect that ‘they didn’t know’ was just something they all said to fob you off. Sure, one guest once in a while might not check their email for two weeks but three guests? Seems unlikely.

Actually I never asked a guest to review me, they have sended an email to me saying that they didn’t know about 15 days limit and how sorry they were that couldn’t expand it and make a review.
The question is what’s the reason of a 15days limit

I agree that guests are given multiple reminders to review and are even given specific, “only 2 more days to review” messages. Your guests either put it off or were very OCD and fretted over writing the review (which sounds totally possible as contacting AIRBNB afterwards is a bit unusual). I once felt bad when I failed to leave a review for a brand new listing (the host was so nice) but I had a miscarriage a few days after checking out, and as you might imagine, the review dropped off my radar.

The reason is quite simple - so that other hosts considering these quests, and guests considering hosts, can see the reviews they have received in a timely manner to help them decide where to stay.

The vast majority of people aren’t without internet or a phone for 14 days, so would have no trouble leaving a review if they wanted to. To have three guests who were without internet for two weeks means you must have been exceptionally unlucky :slight_smile:

We had an older couple from Australia stay with us for several nights as part of an extensive trip around Europe…They were lovely people who became like old friends during their stay but, had no idea how technology works!.. They bought brand new phones and an ipad but had problems using them…
Well they went on their way and didn’t leave a review but we were not surprised as I think they gave up on their phones/ipad!.. About a month later, when they got back home, we received a lovely letter and a card from them, thanking us for a wonderful stay and apologising for not doing a review and asking if there was any way we could get the time extended… They hadn’t bothered with their phones and never saw all the reminders!.. We told them not to worry, the fact that they bothered to send a handwritten letter in the post really made up for not having a review :relaxed:
So maybe sometimes its simply not understanding how it works rather than ignoring the prompts that means no review is done.

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Actually I think the 15 day limit is a good idea, as are the annoying email prompts. There are many people who are serial procrastinators and are definitely going to write a great review about that lovely place they stayed in … tomorrow …

I’ve lost count of the number of Trip Advisor reviews I’ve been “meaning” to write, even when I’ve really loved (or hated!) a place, whereas I’ve always written them for Airbnbs I’ve stayed in, simply because of the reminders.