14 Day Review Window -Oddity

I’ve just completed two reviews for the same group who stayed in both of our listings before Christmas, in our B&B. I’d hoped to have them ready-to-go at 9.57 am by sending one from my tablet, the other from my Chromebook, but I couldn’t access the app on the tablet. So both went from my Chromebook, with the second sent just after the alleged cut off time of 10.am, 14 days post check out. It was accepted.

But now I wish I hadn’t bothered; it’s simply churned up the memory of how awful these bloody women were! Stereotypical, entitled, passive aggressive Middle East expats from Dubai who treated me, sorry, tried, to treat me as their servant.

They treated my neighbours in the pub next door even worse. On their first night they sat in prime position by the fire for three and a half hours, nursing one drink all evening. The following evening, they cancelled a booking of six people for supper at the last minute, smugly saying they preferred to go to xxx up the road, but would be back for a nightcap. The Landlady was simply furious; she had turned a couple of bookings away as she thought she was full, to the extent she brought in extra staff. They turned up for a nightcap, fully expecting to stay for a country pub late night lock-in. Cleverly, Leanne allowed them enough of one to compensate for her losses, then booted them out.

Honest reviews done, and rant over. Thanks for listening!


I am so sorry to hear that. I used to work at an International Investment Bank in London (before the crash). it always surprised me how people who earned hundreds of thousands of pounds a year (and even millions in some cases) thought they were so clever ripping off local people for a few pounds. One year I flew back from Australia literally over the top of the 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami that killed hundreds of thousands of people. When back at work a trader near me said he and his family were holidaying right where it happened but their resort was spared the worst. Did they help out like many had done? No we were on holiday why would we, he replied? Says it all. Glad they were shown the door from your local.

I experienced the same kind of revulsion in Bahrain, in particular with rookie Forex traders over for a few months on placement, earning more money than they ever expected to see in their lives. Their vulgarity was endlessly shoved in your face, with a lack of insight that was frightening. Fortunately, they were often put in their place by their more seasoned managers.

A further oddity and update on my recent guests and reviewing them last minute. The booker has written a lengthy response to prospective guests, in the clear hope of revenge, but was too late for this to be a “review” as such. I only found it by using the Chrome extension and clicking on her profile. It is therefore available for prospective hosts to see if they use the extension, and it’s hilarious! About two sides of A4, she has had a complete rant, including stealing my own vocabulary and making some splendidly, obvious lies. In essence, she has inadvertently committed the Host Crime of Responding to a Negative Review with Poor Grace, and has left herself looking the kind of guest no one wants to host.

A question though: I’ve not come across this before as an event, and wonder if anyone else has? I do wonder if it will be visible to guests somewhere, not that I am at all concerned if it is.

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