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119 page views?

What is going on with the page views? Recently I’ve been getting an usually high number of page views…about 3x the amount I’ve been getting since I started hosting. Yesterday it said I had 119 page views! Something has to be messed up.

I’ve supposedly gotten that many page views but no bookings!

I reverted to Airbnb’s “smart pricing” which is insanely low, but I need some bookings!

I have experienced issues with the page views too… it will say no views or very few views at all for weeks, and then all of a sudden the data will populate. It’s probably a software glitch. But I would be pissed with 119 views and no bookings!

I’m at 230 views as I type this. I’ve got bookings but not too far out into the future. The many views I think are due to my cheapness and Super Ho status, but lack of reservations are probably because it’s a shared space. Although now that I think of it, it’s been like this for quite some time. Out of the blue reservations show up that are made within a week of arrival.

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