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We have had a few guests (3 now I think) that have requested to plug in their electric car over night during their stay with us, we have always allowed this. We do have plug in’s for people in the winter as a courtesy. How do you all deal with people plugging in their cars, do you charge? I don’t have a clue as to what the draw is on our electricity and I am not about to do any calculations, nor would i know how. Thanks in advance for your comments

I allow it for free, I have a Tesla charger available to guests. I ask that they do not use it between 4-9 when my rates are higher.


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A Tesla charger would deliver more power than a 110 volt though, correct? I was just wondering if the cost to us would be minimum. I highly doubt we would charge anything but was wondering what others were doing.

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Well, how you figure out how much power something is drawing is to shut off the electric to everything but what you are testing, and make a note of the meter reading when you start the experimemt and after maybe half an hour. Then multiply the KWHs by how long the thing is plugged in and drawing power.

And as electricity rates vary by area, time of day, and other factors (here in Mexico you get a certain amount of KWHs at the basic rate, then the rate goes up when you get into the next usage tier, and again if you exceed that), it’s hard to say how much charging a car will cost.

I would suggest talking w/ your electricity provider.They should have data on average charging times, rates, etc. So many people are going w/ electric cars these days, & most cities (even our small rural town in Colorado) are offering hookups. Curious as to what the cost comes down to… :thinking:

I don’t allow charging mainly because the guests would have to run electrical cords outside of the 2nd floor windows and use extension cords. What I do provide is a list of locations within a mile or so from my suite of different charging stations.

We have garages attached to our homes available for guests. Inside the garages are multiple outlets, one of which is on its own circuit which was put in for golf cart charging. We usually leave gas carts at the houses, so that is free for car charging.

Electricity is fairly reasonable here, so we don’t bother charging extra for that.

Thank you everyone.
Ww wanted to know what everyone was doing. I think if it was a daily thing we would maybe consider a charge for it but at this time we will leave things as is with no charge. I suspect that more people will be buying electric cars, We live in North Western Ontario and the winter temps are frigid so not sure how the electric cars will fly in our area. We have so many road closures during the winter due to accidents and people stuck in cars overnight. I am sure keeping an electric car warm in 40 degree below temperatures would draw quite a bit of power…and then what.

Oh, they are working on that so Teslas can be used in the Mars colony. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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