11 letters from a man whose reservation I canceled

Dear forum, I really happy that I canceled a reservation I wrote about.
You know, I was right. I did a right thing canceling this reservation. He is harassing me!

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I had this once from someone I just declined. Can’t remember the reason, but I’m glad I did.

‘You are a terrible person’
‘I will find another way to book so I can leave a bad review’
‘I will report you to Airbnb’
‘Give me your address I’ve already paid’ (they hadn’t)

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Gardenhost, OMG…

By the way, letter #12 arrived :frowning:

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Why aren’t you forwarding everything to Air? The guy is a sick-o and all communication needs to stop. I hope you aren’t responding to him because it’s not a game.


I am not responding to him. My husband, who is a lawyer is already taking care of it. I will not call myself to Airbnb.

@konacoconutz it seems to me that this guy belongs in the “bad guest lounge.”


Jeeze, that is insane.

You come off as a very charismatic, warm and self-assured person. When I read the last thread, I thought, “Hrm, I wouldn’t take that approach but if you’re uncomfortable then you’re uncomfortable.” Now I think you also have a sixth sense, too.


Hi Marina

I am so sorry you are having this experience.

I am not quite sure what you mean by ‘calling myself to BNB’, but I would definitely flag with them about what is happening, so they can remove this guy.

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