$100 room bonus for superhosts

It appears that every year if you are a super host you get $100 bonus to use with Airbnb. I got one last year and I got another one this year. Have any of you gotten it and bothered to use it? I’m finally going to use mine next month . Finally after hosting almost 200 guests in 2 years I am actually going to use my bonus and rent a room on vacation through Airbnb. I feel a little nervous too! Im going to bring my own towels since I use a lot and Im packing a portable dustbuster with me!!


Not really a holiday if you have to bring a dustbuster with you :slight_smile:

Yes I’ve used mine.

I’m sure you know this already but the first ones will have expired.


I used mine last month and it was my first guest experience too. It really is interesting to use ABB from the guest perspective and I highly suggest everyone to try it at least once.

Tonight we’re doing our second ABB stay and I must say I like the host already. After booking she messaged me that she noticed I was also a host and would love for us to have a chance to share. I am rather looking forward to our stay.


Yes I have too. Recently put one to use to book a family holiday in Kelowna for next month! Here’s hoping the wildfire situations improve in BC. I enjoy being an ABB guest as much as I enjoy hosting. It’s fun to see what others have done with their place, experience their hosting style and I usually end up learning a thing or two from them. Congrats and enjoy your next holiday!

OF course we use our Superhost bonus – we’re travelers not just landlords, and traveled AirBnb looong before we became hosts. You’d have to be a fool not to use a $00 travel voucher!

Ours got us a $12 one night stay in Asheville, NC over Memorial Day; we had to come down the mountain the night before to catch an early morning flight home. We stay in the city overnight at an AirBnb to be close to the airport (10 minutes. Beautiful location, new hosts, and a wonderful experience!


Why do you feel the need to bring a dusbuster? Or your own towels, for that matter? Just curious.

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