100 dollars in travel credit


I just got 100 dollars in credit cause I have been a superhost for a year.
What happens if I book a place for say 20 dollars?
Do I loose the rest? Or can I use the coupon many times until I have used up the 100 dollars?


My understanding is that it is one go… so make it worth it!


Love to know where you can get a place for $20 :slight_smile:


Haha… I’m in Vietnam :slight_smile:
Maybe a bit more though. But pretty close.

It was the use of dollars that threw me - thought you must be in the US

I’ve been given vouchers in dollars too. That’s Airbnb’s standard as far as I’m aware. It’s mega annoying as they’re always converted at a terrible exchange rate.

I received a $100 Super Host credit, and also a $100 host referral credit (someone I recommended to start up as an AIRBNB host). How do we use such credits when we travel? Is it automatic? I have not seen a space on a booking to put the code they gave me (in the case of the Super Host $100 - did not get such a code for the referral credit).

It’s automatically applied at check out.

Will they apply two $100 credits if let’s say the total reservation comes to $200? Or you have to book two separate reservations?

You can only use one at a time…

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