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1 Year Anniversary!

I got an email yesterday from Air congratulating me on my one year with the service. They said I had welcomed 65 guests from 39 different cities, for a total of 102 nights - having those stats in front of me makes me realize how much time I’ve actually invested in this. It’s been awful, it’s been great, it’s been heartwarming and I’ve actually come away with a few very dear friends. Who’d have thought?!

Did you all receive similar emails at your one/two/three year’s mark?


I’m not at a year yet but CONGRATULATIONS on your anniversary :slight_smile:


Congrats Julie! I began in December of last year and so far it has been a whirlwind for us. I can’t even imagine what a year will bring.

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i had 281 guests in one year. phew.

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Congrats! We started in Feb and I am already exhausted! I will celebrate a year with a big bottle of wine! =)

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I got one for FIVE YEARS!


Congrats to you!
I did not get one, but maybe I will at 5 yrs!

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Has it felt like a year or 10 years ? lol I’m a brand new host and I just had my first guests check out. They were in the area house hunting and as it turns out they are going to be neighbours. Weird how things turn out…and that was only guest #1! I can only imagine the stories I’ll have by my one year anniversary. All the best to you :relaxed:

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I just had a guest who is interested in buying my neighbor’s house. Hope he does. Liked chatting with him, and I think he would make a better neighbor than Airbnb guest. :wink: He really liked the location, but yet plenty of guests ding me on location, no matter how much I disclose about how remote it is. Well you either love secluded beaches in Hawaii… or you don’t! :wink:


I did get this year near my birthday. When I picked it up at the post office window, I looked at the return label, and thought, OH MY, this is embarrassing, WHAT did I buy now?? HAHA. Those jokesters at ABB :slight_smile:


that is so lovely!! What a nice touch.

I’ll be nearing my one year next month and am looking forward to this email now!

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I’m coming up on SIX YEARS and have NADA, not a single damn thing!


I think at the end of year one I got a $100 travel credit with ABB. They have also sent a smoke/CO detector and a very nice first aid kit which I requested when I first signed up. I wonder why the difference? Edit: I realize now the $100 travel credit is for my superhost 1 year anniversary.

that’s weird. Maybe it’s a new thing and you’ll get one on your 2016 anniv?

Yeah if your not a super host = nothing

Not a super host. By far!! Hahaha! They always remind me how I am not a superhost lol

Mine was in March, 105 stays, more than 200 guests.


Mine was last month - nothing at all - not even an email. Makes me sad. They need to even this situation out. Maybe it has to do with gross receipts??

Congrats!! That is a LOT of guests =)

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