1 or 2 listings?

I’m preparing an a-frame in the woods on 5 acres for str. Upstairs has a deadbolt on the door that if locked will prevent access to all upstairs rooms (2 bedrooms, 1 bath, and rear deck).

I keep reading how some (many?) guests will say they only have 2 guests and then show up with 4 or more total guests hoping to not have to pay for the additional guests.

My downstairs has 1 bedroom and bath along with the rest of the house (kitchen, great room, dinning area, sun room, and front deck).

Basically I am contemplating setting up 2 listings with 1 being the downstairs only and another for the entire house. Thus if a guest reserves for 2 people, Ill just lock the upstairs. If the guest then shows up with more than 2 people, the extras will have to sleep on the floor.

If the guest reserves for 2 but wants the whole house, my rate per night will be more and if the show up with more - they are already paying for them because of the increased rate per night.

Will this work? Drawbacks?
Thank you for your patience with this newb as I learn.

That sounds like a good plan. I do think this should be disclosed somewhere in the listing as a deterrent to people trying to get away with sneaking more in. I’d love to be a fly on the wall when someone shows up with 4 extra unpaid guests and finds the locked door upstairs.


I’d just set a price for the place with no extra charges for people after 2. My place has 3 bedrooms, sometimes there are 6 guests, sometimes 2. I make up all the beds. It’s just too much if a headache to police guests. Mind you I live right next to my rental, so could easily do it. Our family travelled a lot when I wa young, hotels etc never charged for extra people, if they had it might have limited our travels.

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