1 or 2 bedroom apartment more successful?

Reposting because I didn’t get much response to my actual question the first time.

We’re considering buying a house with a 1,000 sq ft unfinished basement. We’re thinking of finishing it to short-term rent it. The question is, what’s more beneficial, 1 or 2 bedrooms? There’s space for 2 or it could be a huge 1. Obviously you can charge more for 2 rooms. But does a 1 bedroom place get rented more? Does that overcome the price difference? Another thought is that opening it up to more people will result in louder guests…What are your thoughts? 1 or 2 bedroom basement apartment? Thanks!

What do the airdna reports for your area say? You should have the info on average rates and occupancy for different types in there

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That’s on the Airbnb site somewhere?

AirDNA is a separate service afaik


You haven’t responded to many or even acknowledged most of the responses folk gave you on the original thread you created with this query. And now you think you can simply create another thread with the same query dismissing the previous responses???

That’s how much gratitude you have to folk who take time off to answer your questions and give you information??

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Sorry, I didn’t know I was required to respond to every comment on my post. Most of the comments didn’t call for a response. In fact, you were the only one who asked a question, which I responded to.

While some of the responses were helpful, only 1 person responded to my actual question. And that is fine. But I wanted to post again to see if I can get more direct responsss to my question.

Thank you for monitoring me, though.

You don’t have to respond to every comment by way of your own comments. There are other ways of acknowledging them.
In any case, if you think you didn’t get a response to your question, why not refine your query, add more detail and provoke more discussion of the specifics, all in the same conversation?

How does it help simply creating a new thread, scattering the space with many threads of the same topic? If anything it makes it less effective.


Note to John from the mod team. If you do this again, start another topic with the same exact query, we will delete it.

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