1 or 2 bed better?

Hi Community
I’ve been an airbnb host for several years but never use the forum before so really great to be here. Thanks, everyone. I have a question!
I have a 2 bed flat and I’m thinking of turning it into a stunning one bed, its on the seafront with great views. The second bedroom is a bit small and awkward space and I can always put a sofa bed in the living room. Love anyone’s thoughts, please. Thank you Jacqui

Really depends on your target market and what sort of accommodation is most popular in your area @jacqui1

What would you be able to charge for a one bed? Would it be comparable to what you get for a two bed?

My place is also a 2 bedroom place on the sea. I charge for 2 people then extra for each additional guest. 75% of my bookings are couples so the “Garden Room” doesn’t get used much but some of the others have one or two kids. Or the people sstaying now who were 4 when they last stayed and are 5 now so I bought an air mattress (hey there’s a business idea AirMattressInTheSpareBedroomBnB!)

I would convert the second bedroom into either a TV lounge, small dining area, or a game & reading room. Or, place a stationary exercise bicycle, as I have in one of our guestrooms.

If you improve the look of the master bedroom, you could charge more for your nightly fee.

I’d weigh your competition heavily in your decision. Do a search for your area for 2-person listings and 3-4 person listings. If you see that your place is one of 300 2-person listings, but one of only 30-40 three-four person listings, it would behoove you to hang onto that extra room as a sleeping area.

Additional sleeping areas mean additional revenue, so I’d look into setting it up the second room as a “den” with a daybed or comfortable sleeper sofa. IMO it’s more attractive to have a sleeper sofa in a room with a door rather than in a common space. I don’t know just how awkward and small you’re talking, but someone with an eye for design can really transform and make good use of a small space.


How big is the main bedroom currently?

Thanks Helsi, I need to research what is the most popular? Any tips on how to find that out :-)) One beds go really well with extra sofa beds etc. Prob is airbnb keep pushing price down? Thanks for the reply great help.

This !!!

@jacqui1 Our situation is slightly different with 3 rooms we rent out separately in our apartment. What I can tell you is that our room with two single beds is surprisingly popular, because it’s one of few in the market and not all people traveling together want to be in the same bed (or even in the same room).

A few things to consider for your situation:

  • How much money, time and energy will you need to invest in remodeling. Will it be worth it?
  • Will your property be worth more afterwards as a 1 or 2 bedroom?
  • Or there enough couples who would prefer to stay luxuriously AND pay extra for it?

Interesting. Thanks for reply. Hadnt thought of charging for extra guests ie more than 2. Its a tricky buisness whether to spend more now and get a fab one bed that can sleep a couple plus 2 on pull out sofa. Thanks

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Thank you Alison, great advice and help. I will get onto the research this morning after all this is a revenue generating project. I’ve got a great designer friend coming over the next few days. A day bed could work so well, its a strange long thin room, difficult space, with the window at one end :slight_smile: Thank you so much for your clarity and help. Much appreciated

Hi Brandt,
Main bedroom is

2.21 M x 6.81M with a recess of 1.21 x 96 , Which at the mo Im planning to make into hanging space.

Thank you so much

Try Airdna, ask your local tourism office around footfall, look on Airbnb at your competition, etc