1 night stays for specific date range?

Is it possible to allow a one night stay for specific dates without opening up my entire calendar as 1 nighters? I’m guessing no. I couldn’t find anything in Airbnb’s help section.


I think you can send them an offer for the one night stay. They would have to send you a request first.

There are now rules that override your settings.
I have my calendar set to a 3N minimum. But I also have rules for 1N and 2N. So - if I feel like allowing a 1N, I just apply the rule to the date.



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Like the other said, use the rule sets.

You can set almost everything with the rule set, except for the most important: IB.
I wish they added IB to the rule set so you can turn off IB for certain periods.


Yep , under availability you can set a minimum number of nights for a specific date range. Many of us do this. Check the settings.

BTW this forum is for experienced hosts not noobs. I don’t think we are totally against people asking newbie questions but you will get some pushback. Think of it this way: imagine every new AirBnB host came here and asked questions which were answerable by just looking at ABBs notes. At best your query should start : “I’ve looked everywhere already for an answer to this question so I hope you can help me”. Unless your question is so deranged we get a chuckle out of it this is not the place for you to ask questions. :japanese_goblin: So stop it.

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I have a 3 night min but once my calendar starts filling up and their are 1 and 2 night blocks I set new rules just for those dates with lower minimums.

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Ick. Yuck. Blah. PU. That’s kind of nasty, don’t you think? No where do I see that ‘noobs’ (as you call new hosts) are not welcome here to ask questions. This is what it says at the top of the page, “We are a community of AirBnb hosts. This forum is dedicated to connecting hosts with other hosts. Sign up to get the latest updates and news just for AirBnb hosts!” … If what you say is true for the majority of hosts here - and I don’t think it is because I’ve had some lovely, respectful and emotionally intelligent responses from many caring hosts … then I’d suggest that whoever owns this group make it clear that ‘noobs’ stay out and certainly not ever never ever ask questions unless they are asked in a certain way. What the what? May I respectfully suggest you and anyone else who are allergic to noobs, simply scroll passed my posts? Don’t forget, we all start as ‘noobs’ in any new venture. Shesh. [shaking the ick off]


No problem. There is no problem here newbies people asking questions. But think about when your next guest asks questions that could have been answered by reading your listing instead.

You’ve missed my point. I DO READ and I’m a huge rule follower, however this is beyond ick. I’m asking Qs for other host’s opinions on something that I’ve read, heard or cannot find because Airbnb’s terminology may be different than how I’d phrase it. I also prefer to get opinions of actual users and not take a corporations word for anything. [shaking the neg vibe ick off]

Oh come on @brighteyes00 @JamJerrupSunset may have been a little direct -but he had a point you have been asking lots of questions that are easily found on Airbnb’s Help Centre, their community centre or indeed on these forums.

Do try Airbnb Community Centre they are much better for answering FAQ type questions

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Good luck with your AirBnB. I hope it goes well.

Wow @JamJerrupSunset. Wouldn’t it be more effective to direct the user to the community forum first than tell the user they’re not welcome here? As an “experienced host” one would think you’ve learned a bit of compassion during your time in business. There is no need to be nasty. It’s better to not comment at all if you’re not going to try to be helpful. Just click on the next thread.


Maybe you should take your own advice.

It’s going SUPER FAB and I’m so glad you care! ha… And I’ve found over a half dozen respectful, knowledgable, professional and empathic groups on FB who are welcoming to noobs. I’d rather be a noob then a boob. Just sayin’ … The vibes here are nasty. Toodlooooo!

Eh… oh, yea sure.