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1 guest out of 10 ranked 4.5 stars and my average is 4.5 stars?


How does that work? I had 5 star reviews until my tenth guest and I have no idea what his 4.5 ranking was about in the sub-categories but whatever, his narrative review said the apt was “perfect” and that he would return again and rec to friends. As a result of that review, I’m now 4.5. The math seems off to me.


Not sure, but it’s possible that they don’t update the star ratings after each review in order to not give away who left a four or three-star review. So it may be that they update your star ratings after every 5 reviews. Just a thought.


Sounds off. I keep a close eye on my ratings to make sure my guests are all happy as clams, and they keep it updated to the second the reviews go live. Math is off for sure. I’ve had one 4 and the other 9 5’s, and I was rated 5 star on one of my rooms with ten reviews from memory. It should have been rounded up, not down!

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