0%'rs book more than the well reviewed

Was just reviewing my reviews n’ stuff and noticed that most or almost all of my guests have 0% or are new to Airbnb.

Does anyone know if Air tends to filter similar guests to you. eg. I’ve taken people with no reviews before so my listing comes up higher on their lists.

On a side note, I’ve had more trouble with people who have reviews than those without.

I’m not really sure what your point is.

Airbnb can only survive by continually drawing new guests and new hosts to engage with their model. If it was all hosts and guests with loads of great reviews, Airbnb’s business model would be in severe trouble as this would mean low growth.

I doubt Airbnb applies the filters you’re suggesting. Guests search for what they want and based on your reviews/ other factors you appear somewhere in the list,

I doubt they use those filters as well. I know in my city summer hotel rates are incredibly high. I think this brings a lot of first time users to look at alternatives. I love giving a first time user that is maybe a little nervous/skeptical an amazing experience!!

I also get a lot of new users as guests, and have had mixed results. Sometimes they act strangely, and I don’t always want to leave a review. They didn’t do anything offensive enough that I want to complain about it in the review, but I wouldn’t necessarily “recommend” them to other hosts. I don’t want to be the one to give them the recommendation that will allow them to book with instant book.

Many times new users are extremely respectful and concerned about not getting in the way of our lives. I’m always very appreciative of this attitude, so I let them know and encourage them to do similar things with future hosts (ask permission, not forgiveness, among other things).

I have also left very positive reviews for guests who left negative reviews. They were technically good guests in terms of their behavior while we were here, and didn’t mention any issues when I checked in with them to see if they were satisfied. I wouldn’t recommend them if I had known they would complain about me afterwards, so they currently have my recommendation sitting on their profile, tricking hosts like you into thinking they won’t cause you a headache (sorry).

Do you use instant book? I do not, so I think a lot of guests without reviews try to book with me to get that first recommendation and be eligible for instant book. I’ve since realized the value of a first review and won’t always leave one if something felt a bit off, out of respect for other hosts more than anything else.

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