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My wife and I recently purchased a family-owned beach home from my parents in their retirement, in Ocean City, NJ. Here, the season runs from about 1 June though 31 August, with only spotty business on the shoulders. The main clientele is suburban Philadelphia, Delaware, New Jersey, and to a lesser extent New York, Virginia, DC, and Western PA. The “culture” here is weekly rentals of the entire house, Saturday to Saturday, where clients bring their own bed linens and bath linens. I am also offering a bed linen service for those who don’t know/want the South New Jersey beach rental culture.

Because the purchase dragged on, we were late to get it ready and listed for this Summer, and so we are still looking for our first guest after being “live” on VRBO for about a month. I built my own website using SquareSpace (very nice product), and we also list on VRBO. We are not yet using AirBnb, but part of my reason for joining this forum is to explore this possibility.

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