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Zero listing views


I have changed the title, researched competitors, changed price, instant booked, updated the photos but still zero views for my listing. I have other rooms listed that get some views. Any help appreciated


Have a friend stay and review the place. Should get things going a bit. Failing that, delist and relist.


You didn’t give us an actual link to your listing so we can check it out; but I must say for starters that the title AC Room, private bathroom and more! with a price tag of $116, is not particularly inviting – does not make me want to view any farther.



I’m with you – and thank goodness you mentioned the link…I thought it was just me not being able to connect to it. (whew!) The title could use a re-vamp and the price was a stunner for only a room.

Yep, the jury’s still out on this one.


You can’t post a link as a new person. It won’t let you. So had to do a
work around and upload an image.


Villa your price is too high, I agree. I have a full apartment by the beach in Hawaii and that’s my mid season rate. So maybe people are skipping over it.

If you are new, you have to really give away the farm for a while to get a few reviews under your belt.


I found the place on google:

Will now search for it on AirBnb.

I was unable to find it on AirBnB. So either something is wrong with the listing, or my search is wrong.

But looking at price ranges, your place is way above average.

Based on a location on the map, I was able to find one of your other listings:

Your profile has 6 listings, but it does not seem to have this one. So it seems something is broken:


Thanks Chris.
Smart pricing is on.
If I put the filters on pool, air conditioning, staff etc then the
competition narrows. Not interested in competing on price alone as many
properties in the Sri Lankan market are local guest house stays and also
the district is so large - Galle, mirissa and tangalle are all Galle
district but they are hours between each other.
I can’t find it in search either so it makes me feel like there is
something wrong with the listing.


The strange this is that it also is not listed under your listings.


So do you reckon I should lodge a support ticket request.


This seems to happen to a lot of people, this week. I see the issue being discussed on other forums, too.

Remember, the guys running Airbnb are pretty young, so you cannot expect them to get the IT right, all the time. I wouldn’t worry; they should get this solved, eventually.


interesting - I’ve averaged a very steady 6 views a day over the last month, but have had no views at all for the last four days. Is it that the data are late being loaded up?


Yes, there is at least a three day delay on my listing usually but now it’s up to four days. We get about 20 views per day.


yes, put in a ticket.

I do not know how many listings you have. But of it’s more than 6, show them my screenshot and tell them which ones are missing.


@Chris - how many listings do you see on my profile? I’m also getting zero views for all of my listings for the past week.

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