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Your porter deposits dates and timing

I’m new to Your Porter and to Airbnb. I’m just now setting up several features and I’m curious about your thoughts on the deposit feature. Your porter asks for the deposit amount, how many days before checking you what the deposit charged to the Cc, how many days after checkout the deposit is returned. Do you want the amount just held by STRIPE or actually charged then returned? Who has this set up and how do you have it set up?
Also, anyone willing to help me set up the automated messaging feature and Cleaning Feature? I want to see some examples of what you send.

Hello @Clfleck

Is there a discussion forum for Your Porter you could ask these questions on or give them a call.

That might be more fruitful than posting on an Airbnb forum?

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Honestly, I’m not sure if there is a your porter forum as I’m brand new to it.

AirBnB doesn’t take deposits. That must be something porter uses for VRBO or some other platform.

Air lets you set a deposit amount, but they don’t collect it, and asks guests if it’s OK to take money from it to pay for their damage! DO NOT DEPEND ON IT.

If you want a real damage deposit that you have to refund, don’t use Air.

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