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Your instant book may be broken. please read!



This post is about multiple people experiencing a specific problem regarding instant book. (Or am I mistaken?)

Usually, in online forums, people either make relevant posts under the same subject or they make separate posts. (Does that not make sense to you?)

I have subscribed to updates on this post because I care about some problem. Now, these off topic responses have hijacked my time and attention. Not only mine, perhaps 20 other people following this post.

And I don’t have a right to react?


In this forum we often go off topic. I’m sure many people don’t like that and hence don’t return.
Ironically, this is not one of the times I’m off topic. On the Airbnb community forums this was reported in one of the threads on this problem:

“The DIY fix reported in that thread is to manually change the prices on your calendar to send “signals” to the system, which then corrected the bug for the OP - and Instant Book started working again.”

I’m here volunteering my time to help people. You have a “right” (lol) to react all you want until you violate the forum guidelines. I’ll make sure to not disturb you on your threads should you start any out of respect for your oh so valuable time.


Bugger me… I was going to make an entirely off topic, however still amusing, reply to this topic. I wont now, just in case I hijack some of your time, or the time of the other 20 people who might be upset by my off topic, but amusing, reply.

Get over yourself. it’s an internet forum for hosts to mump, moan, vent, brag, talk shit and generally communicate. If you’re that bothered I’ll give you Brian Chesky’s email address, have a go at him.



Would updates from Wheelhouse be the same as my going in and changing prices/text/etc., do you think? If so, then I’m pretty sure that my listing is being updated daily.


Yeah… so I was browsing Airbnb listings in my city today… And I saw this amazing apartment… and it had some great photos… I wonder how to take such photos… Maybe the mods can explain…

In the meantime, I have disabled notifications for this post… And I couldn’t figure out how to delete my account here, wish there was an easy way to do that…

Have fun with your amusement…


When I subscribed to smartbnb the daily ping from them to my calendar was alleged to count. Once I quit subscribing I started doing it myself. If it does count then it wasn’t having an effect on your IB.


No worries, I can’t stay on topic but I can do that.


See, it’s interesting to me how people can choose to respond or not respond to any and all posts on a given thread…


If it’s amusement it should be fun by very definition. It’s like saying, go and be sad at the funeral.



Go for it.



Well. Finally. Today they finally turned on our Instant Book again!!! After more than a month… I’m wondering if we needed to get past the date the original cancellation;

So… lesson learned > If we have Instant Book on, and a new IB makes us uncomfortable (anger issues in this case), we can get Airbnb to cancel the booking only if we’re willing to lose Instant Book privileges for a couple of months.

Otherwise, we just swallow hard and never have Airbnb cancel anyone, even if they make us uncomfortable. Sad.


IB only works for my listing if I turn OFF the Guest Requirements, i.e.

  • Government-issued ID - unchecked
  • Recommendation from other hosts - unchecked

When I do an incognito search (not logged into Airbnb), my place doesn’t show up, however when I am logged in and use the IB filter, my place does show up.


Yes… but this was different, I had those 2 items unchecked and was logged in. With IB on, my friends couldn’t see it either with the IB filter on. I would only get requests, no IB. Airbnb admitted they shut off the IB from their end, even while mine was turned on. This was due to putting us in an “experimental program” without our knowledge, only 2.3% of hosts are in it.

After almost 2 months, they have finally turned on my IB on their end. I now see my listing with the filter on, with government ID on as well. And my bookings now coming in again as IB.


OK I just checked mine, having no new bookings for the past 2 weeks. My listings show up in search without instant booked checked as a search filter, but with instant book selected they disappear. This is when I am not logged in. (If I am logged in my listings are there, right on top, as always.)

I called CS and although the rep agreed he saw the same thing on his end, his first attempt at “fixing it” was to tell me that it wasn’t really a problem because no one really searches by instant book anyway. WHAT??? When I disagreed and said again that this was a serious problem he actually said “If you say so”. So much for their training program! Anyway, he then tried turning my listings off and back on but I have to wait 24- 48 hours to see if it worked. I also tried, at his suggestion, turning instant book off and then back on. So I’ll see if anything changes by tomorrow.


This may be a different issue… if you aren’t logged in, you will not meet your own qualifications to IB… IE Government ID, Verified, etc. If you log in, and your listing now shows up with IB filter on, you should be OK.


Hi Bill,
Hmmm, thanks. But then why do some listings still show up just not mine? If I’m not logged in I don’t qualify for even the standard Airbnb instant book requirements like confirmed phone number etc. but I still see instant book properties, just not mine. Am I missing something else? Appreciate your help.

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