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Your experience with Airbnb Plus


Just a nightmare dealing with my listing on Airbnb Plus. I received an offer, paid my $149, had pictures taken, and just despise what they’ve done with my listing. Further, I can’t finish the process because of their requirements. While they were quick to offer me the Plus listing, sent out a photographer right away, and reviewing it quickly, now, I can’t get anyone to respond. There’s just no one out there to help. I am ready to give up. Then, this, from Airbnb support. As I sit here waiting for a “case manager” to get in touch, I am
wondering what I have done…


Have you seen the other threads we have about Airbnb Plus here on the forum. There is a search function (look for the magnifying glass icon in the upper right corner). Once you find those threads you might want to repost there.

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