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Your Best Guest Ever?

We have a regular. She initially found us through Air and now just books direct.
She uses our place as a “health getaway”, from the stress of her daily life at home. Most of the time, it is literally from 8am-2pm or 9-3pm, etc. Very few overnights. And she likes to stay every week or two.
She is immaculate, quiet and always leaves us with something thoughtful. Last time was lemon bars. They were “Wow” fantastic.


Now that’s really nice. Honestly, I use my own listing that way a lot; or I did during the height of the pandemic when the entire family was stuck under one roof day in and day out. It was very pleasant and clean and quiet. Bliss :relaxed:. It’s nice you do that for her. May I ask how she pays you (check, cash, Venmo, etc)? I’m looking into accepting direct payments w/ established return guests.


Yeah she is great. Just goes to show that an initial inquiry can “look odd” and then work out really well. When she first messaged us 2 years ago, we thought for sure she was looking for a place to meet with a lover.
These days, she pays cash. For direct payment, we accept credit cards and venmo but prefer cash or venmo to avoid CC fees. Or would ask the guest to accept the 3% fee if they want to use a CC.
We do not accept Paypal and do not recommend them for these types of transactions. They will always take the buyers side in any dispute, regardless of proof or contracts. With one of my other businesses, we accept Paypal and got screwed over one time - it was minor but that was a lesson learned. Next time, the same customer placed an order, we cancelled it and “fired him”. :rofl:


The retired Aussie nurse who left hubby at home to celebrate her retirement with a trip to Alaska. I have a 2 night minimum, and she wanted to leave for a day for an overnight side trip and return for one more night. I decided to support her retirement by making a special offer of 4 nights for the price of 3.

She had a lot of excursions (whale watching, glacier fjords, hiking) and was quite cheerful when she was coming and going.

When she was checking out, she noticed that my back trouble was causing me problems changing a bed in another room (after all, she is a nurse) and very diplomatically “assisted” me with changing all 3 beds before she left.

She’s welcome back any time.


Ok, thank you for sharing with me. I appreciate it!

The four Chinese teenagers (18, 17, 16, 16) that were studying at an international school a few states away and all traveled together to stay with us so that one of them could do an interview at the Ivy League down the street. Dad, who was in China, had to cancel last minute because of work but one of the kids was 18 so I helped him sign up for Airbnb so that they could still come and stay.

We never heard a peep from them. And, after they left, the apartment looked exactly like it did when they checked in, with one exception. They had put the broom away in a different closet than we usually store it. They are the only guests who have used the broom after a 2-night stay.

Additionally, we were gifted a box of chocolates, 4 lengthy and beautifully handwritten thank-you notes as well as a gorgeous drawing by one of them. We leave a generous amount of snacks and they, apparently, only had one each, which I thought was cute and almost impossible for teenagers.


Send them my way, please! :rofl:

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