You tube video with protocol for shopping and deliveries

There seem to be a number of folks posting here who might be interested in this tutorial on cleaning and keeping safe. This isn’t for Airbnb, this is for your home and keeping yourself and others safe.

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I just learned that bleach for disinfecting surfaces can be made from pool shock. Info can be found all over various prepper type sites. Since there is no bleach to be found anywhere lately, I thought it was an interesting alternative. Pool shock may still be available or already on hand. Pretty sure we have some for our spa.

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I wouldn’t trust one of them as far as I could throw them. LOL. But luckily I have plenty of bleach.

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I checked multiple sources and didn’t find any warnings against it for disinfecting. It makes sense. It should not be used to disinfect drinking water no matter what one might read. But it will kill germs. Also, is highly caustic and corrosive so I would probably just stick with Simple Green. lol. I don’t use a whole lot of bleach.

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My chemist friend said bleach (sodium hypochlorite) is the best and cheapest for hard surfaces and I trust her. There are tons of product and none of us needs to be home cooking our sanitizers. The supply line bottleneck will ease.

There is no kind of sanitizer available anywhere in the town where I live. People are lining up around the block starting at 4 am at the big grocery store, which opens at 7.

I’ve seen several kinds available online. I’d rather stay home if I can and use soap and water. I’ve read multiple trustworthy science sources that say home made recipes that a circulating aren’t effective.

Of course the people who are hoarding are going to keep doing it as long as they can. Next step is going to be government mandated rationing and mass arrests if they don’t cut it out. That is, the panic is going to be a self fulfilling prophecy soon.

Well surviving a direct hit from Hurricane Alicia and 3 weeks flooded in with no utilities had a profound impact on me. I have always been prepared for something like this so we aren’t in danger of running out of anything essential.

I hope this situation encourages more people to live prepared.

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Oh if it doesn’t I’m going to lose my mind…

Though I haven’t been in an actual disaster before I stay prepared (lessons from depression era mom) and was able to easily get the last few things I felt I should in early March.

Seriously. It astounds me how many don’t even keep a basic first aid kit and antiseptics.


That’s enough info to put me off from ever using a pool or spa ever again…