You can see the star rating the guest leaves before you write your review!

I found this out by accident, I had a particularly horrid guest that treated me appalling and I knew that he would leave me a bad review. I received an email saying that he had left me a review and I was thinking about what I was going to write (ok, I lie I had written & rewritten a review until I was happy with it but hadn’t yet posted it.) I just happened to go into my stats and I was shocked to see a 2* review there. All my reviews are 4* & 5* so I couldn’t work out where this 2* had come from as no one had left it. I then realised it had to be this guy and sure enough after posting my review his came through with the 2* rating.


I would not publicize this nor let ABB know this

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Wow!!! How cool is that!

I found this thread while searching for “star reviews” because today I can’t see how many stars anyone left anymore. Or am I just missing it?

Wasn’t it on the Stats page? When I go there there’s a button that says View All Reviews but when I click on that, it doesn’t show how many stars people left. I thought there used to be a drop-down box or tabs on the Stats page where you could click on reviews and get all the details.

Sorry to slightly change the subject!

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It has all changed again this week.

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Wait, it’s back! I just went to the stats page again and there is:

Ratings Earnings Views Standards

at the top. You click on Ratings and they’re all there, complete with stars. I swear it wasn’t there before! Maybe it was my browser. Or maybe it was my brain!

So @Poppy, I’m curious where you saw the stars on your guest you hadn’t left a review for yet? Was it on this Reviews page? Could you see their review too? Or just stars but not the review?

You couldn’t see the review you could just see a change in stars. It was very clearly a glitch and may now be fixed. I’ve stopped checking my stars as it got mega depressing…


You are right, I have looked and it is back but it wan’t there when I went to look when you messaged me

Bingo. I neither read the reviews nor pay attention to the star ratings.

I understand. I had a very recent guest who wanted to check in early for no additional fee because she was traveling with her child. I gave her what she wanted - she checked in 3-4 hours early without an extra fee. Then in her feedback she left a negative comment and only 3 stars because she couldn’t figure out how to open the pool gate. Goes to show that she did not appreciate my being nice and letting her in early for no fee. Because of her, no one else will ever have this priviledge.

My contact person informed her how to open the pool gate: reach up to the top of the gate and flip the latch and push the door inward - it’s child proof. The guest was also informed that if she still couldn’t get the gate to open to WALK around to the back side of the pool to the main office where someone main office where on site management personnell would help her - which would have been much quicker than waiting for my caretaker to drive to the complex. She did not have the courtesy to get back to either of us about the pool situation, so we were left wondering what happened

Out of 140 reviews, 86% which are 5 stars, I now have 2% 3 stars thanks to her. And I am going to block her. When a guest is this difficult, they can go to Motel 6. She is not welcome in MY HOME in the future!

I often feel Airbnb does not do enough for hosts. To get a 3 star because of her lack of understanding the instructions on how to open the pool gate and missing pool towels? Not to mention there are 6 full sized bath towels (and washer and dryer) in the unit for her, her husband and one child. Couldn’t they use bath towels? Furthermore, most places in my area don’t even have pools. It is a condo complex - I do not regulate the pool. The management company does. Sigh…

How do you block a guest?

I think this works the other way as well. I had a guest with no reviews but a 4 star rating less than 2 weeks after their last stay. As many guests are newbies I think they can look at their own rating after you’ve left a review but before theirs or at least get someone else who is a host to check it out.