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You can lead a host to forums, but you can't make them think


I was so dismayed to read this morning of an experienced host on the forum having their place damaged by guests who brought extras and had a party. This host has an entire place where they are not living on site. This host did not have CCTV cameras.

I had two tamper proof security cameras with DVR professionally installed for less than $1000. I urge every host to get, at the very least, a video doorbell like Ring or Nest and put it on the entrance to your rental. If you have an entire property with multiple ways in and out you need to ring the perimeter with cameras. If it deters you from just one incident they are worth it.


I’ve often read about hosts who aren’t onsite and I truly admire them. I watch our rentals and guests like a hawk. Even with CCTV I honestly don’t think my nerves could cope - an I’m a super-relaxed person as a rule.

It’s not fun to think of our rentals actually needing such security devices - it all seems a bit draconian - but human beings being human beings, we do.


As I told Freya on her thread, it’s not just about malcontents and security. I installed mine more for being able to monitor both my Airbnb and dog boarding guests. Last night’s guest took an Uber for his night out despite having his own car. I’d have had no way of knowing if he was even in the room or not had I not had security footage.

Sure it’s satisfying to say to the guest trying to sneak in an extra after they tell you they didn’t, “I saw on the camera that sweethang arrived at 10:42 and hasn’t departed yet,” but there are other uses by far. There isn’t a single person hosting who regrets having them.


This is something I have a bit of a problem with. Although the rentals are right here and I can usually see when they’re going out or coming back, I can only be absolutely sure when I scurry into the parking lot to check for their car.


Another guest I had this week didn’t have a car because they arrived after the car rental agents closed down for the night. So in the morning they went out back to the airport via Uber. I was awake and would have thought I’d hear them but I didn’t. I was expecting them to get going early as they were headed to out to national parks three hours from here. Finally after 10 am and tip toeing around for 3 hours, shushing the dogs, I check the cameras and D’oh! They left around 7:30 am! Quiet as ninjas.


This is the reason why I close down now when I leave the state or the country. Too much has happened while I am out and it’s not worth ruining my trips over. It might not be the guests. It might be something amiss with the apartment that would be a challenge to fix while abroad. For instance, my toilet had a small leak that turned into quite something to fix. I just turned off the water when I left the country (after the last guests checked out) and did not have to deal with it while abroad.

Most guests are truly wonderful. I have had really awesome guests the entire high winter season!

I really am sorry to read of another case of guests behaving badly. :cry::weary:


I wonder if other hosts believe that guests are more likely to be a nuisance when they know that the host isn’t there?

I make sure that guests know from the start that I’m right here with my eagle eye most of the time and I think (well, suspect) that this deters bad guests? (Well, mostly).


Pretty sure my Glamping Hub guest and her BF would not have fought loudly and abusively had I been home. Not sure what I could have done with the New Year’s Eve guests last year, as a I had a co host. It was stressful, and after that, never again. Also, my cleaners cannot get it as clean as I do and that is also stressful, plus I have to pay them. Never again.

Before that though, I had seriously awesome guests while I was away who were so respectful and even became friends afterwards. I guess that was the exception rather than the rule.


Didn’t help that I was upstairs when I had Jennifer the party girl and her local beach hook ups here. That was before I kiboshed additional guests.


That’s true. I remember the Jennifer story well. :persevere:


I agree that security cameras are worth the price if they prevent one incident. You wouldn’t want to make the NBC Nightly News like my friend’s Airbnb did. She has a house in the Hollywood Hills that she lists on Airbnb while she rents a guest house in Santa Monica to be closer to her business. Unlike some hosts, her neighbors have her back. Her guest presented as an upscale Mexican woman, a mother and a “Christian.” (con alert). However, my friend’s alert neighbors noticed that several men were loading packages into vans and a Tesla. They figured she was being burglarized so they called her. She notified the police. By the time the police helicopter arrived, the Tesla was gone and one of the vans was pulling out. A chase ensued. Meanwhile the squad cars arrived and searched the other van, finding packages of marijuana (legal here, but you gotta be licensed and taxed to distribute) and a whole lotta cash. The copter chased the other van to Camrose and Highland where the passenger bailed and the driver ran over him! The injured guy was taken to the hospital, but survived. Arrests were made. The officers told my friend that this sort of scenario is becoming all too common in local Airbnbs. My friend had her security cameras installed this weekend by Angel (perfect name). Just make sure to disclose the cameras in your listing, even if they are outdoor cameras. Another friend had an incident where she caught additional guests checking in but Air wouldn’t allow her to cancel them because her cameras that had the evidence were not disclosed. It turned out to be a 6K booking, but my friend felt it wasn’t worth it because of the stress she experienced as she watched a youth soccer team that the Galaxy brought over from Cameroon trash her place.


That sounds familiar. I think I saw that being reported. Terrible, I am sure Airbnb hates those stories more than the hosts do!


I do the same. I always telll them that we’re right next door. That seems to deter the bad behavior for the most part.

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