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Yay! I finally got guests again

It has been extremely slow lately. Maybe 1 view a day, no inquiries, no requests, no nothing. Airbnb started sending me love notes starting with “increase your bookings by…” followed by advice to drop my prices. I had actually raised my prices recently because I decided to fold the taxes into the rate rather than collect them in cash (I lost my last two bookings, both 5 days or more, because the guest didn’t read about the taxes in my listing and didn’t want to pay them). So I just held tight and waited to see what happened.

And then yesterday I got a last minute booking for today through the weekend, and then about an hour later I got another booking for next weekend. Whoopie!


Congratulations, Artemis. Have you been trying your luck on other booking sites? And/or your own web site?

@Artemis, I’m so happy to hear you’ve got some bookings! Yay for you! :slight_smile:

October has been busier than I expected. As late as the end of September I had only 2 one night stays booked. Currently I’ve got 12 nights for this month.

My gripes are a stretch of 4 one nighers back to back and another stretch of 5 one nighters back to back. And, my off season rate is two thirds of what I was able to get in the summer, so it’s a lot more work for less money.

I know, I could change my settings for a two night minimum. If I did, I wouldn’t have 90% of the bookings I do for this month. So, I’ll keep things the way they are and complain a little about it, LOL!

A bit off topic, I’m also annoyed with Air’s search algorithm. I signed up for a free trial a lodgify.com and they give you some pretty cool information. What I have learned recently is, the more one night bookings I get, the more one night bookings I am likely to get, because Airbnb seems to show my place closer to the top of the list for people looking for one night vs. people looking for two nights. Could they NOT do that please?!

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I hope you have a hefty cleaning fee.

I don’t think Airbnb give a toss what hosts want.

Hi Faheem,
I haven’t used any other online marketing. However, I have sent out some mailers to local business. My first guests were in town to attend a week-long seminar on day trading (stocks) and that place is constantly running seminars. Perfect demographics for my ideal guests (middle aged, middle class couples who stay a week). We’ll see if that marketing works out.

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