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WTG Moderators!

I am fairly new and I think Airbnb is amazing for refunding everyone. I know I have a second mortgage to pay, but I am not going to rob anyone during this crisis. I booked a place through Vrbo (no Airbnb available) for a wedding - 15 of us. The wedding was cancelled, and they will not refund me my deposit. Total loss. Its horrible. And yes I understand people have second mortgages, I do too, but this is out of our control and a circumstance that none of us ever imagined. I am not going to put that burden on someone else by keeping their deposit for a stay that wasn’t completed. So I, as a new host, applaud Airbnb for showing that they care during this time of crisis in our world.


A friend of mine and her sister had a trip to Europe booked for April. It included flights, side tours, hotels, a river cruise in several cities including Vienna, Prague and Amsterdam. Most of it was booked through a travel agent. One vendor, Uniworld, has currently given a credit through 2021. They also had travel insurance but there will be no payments through them. They appreciate everyone’s efforts and fully intend to do the trip next year or whenever it’s safe to do so. They absolutely will not rebook with anyone who refused to refund or credit during this time. That’s just one anecdote but I agree that Airbnb did the smarter thing in the long run. All those VRBO hosts who are pleased at their ability to keep guest funds now will be hurting later.

i dont think thats a fair comment.

airbnb cancelled a trip when there were no travel restrictions and the person was travelling to a 0 virus area and there flight ticket was valid and that airline were not cancelling flights at that time to that area and i emailed several leading hotels from the area the person was coming from and there were no restructions on movement . they cancelled 3 days before coming and air bnb compensated me nothing. if they were as altruistic as people are making out, why wouldnt they cancel the trip and give me 10 percent seeing as though there were no restrictions at the time. cancelling a 30 day stay 3 days before with a strict cancelllation policy when airbnb saying they were using special discretionary powers

I’m assuming you’re replying to me? Fair? I’m stating a fact, fair has zero to do with it. People who canceled trips for reasons outside their control and had to pay anyway are not likely to patronize those services again. I don’t see what you think doesn’t make sense about that.

As for the rest of your generalized complaint that’s all been covered in dozens of posts over the past two weeks I have nothing more to say.

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it wasnt beyond there control; they had the option of not cancelling and there were no restrictions at the time. they decided to cancel. sometimes people change their minds and want to get out of commitmments. he was supposed to be here on a modelling trip, maybe the modelling shoot was cancelled? there was nothing compelling him to cancel. he just decided he wanted to. no restrictions or even a recommendation for movement restrictions were in place.

I have a regular guest who is a professional photographer. She booked Wed Mar 4 and Mar 24. She was flying out on the 5th to go to N. California for a job in a remote area north of SF. By Monday Mar 9th she notified me that her job had been canceled to due CV and she would be back Tues Mar 10 and wanted to know if the room was available. That was 3 days before the posts started flooding this forum with outrage over Airbnb policies.

While ignorant people were posting here about how there was no coronavirus here or there and there’s no reason to refund, Airbnb made the responsible decision to be part of the solution and not part of the problem.


Feck me. Send me your address, I’m on my way.


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kkc, there must be a reason why you so vigorously defend airbnb…

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@james244 if you had been on this forum for 5 years like I have you would know that I’m not vigorously defending Airbnb now or in the past.

What I’m saying and what you seem unable to comprehend over the last 10 days is that Airbnb made the best decision for their business. It also appears in hindsight that they made the responsible decision for the benefit of the commons and the right decision in an ethical sense.

Do you have a purpose here, anything new to contribute or are you just here to whine? Are you a VRBO plant or perhaps you work for a hotel chain?


Really? Clearly you haven’t read much on this forum, or about it, or you wouldn’t be spouting such garbage.

If you don’t like what you hear from seasoned operators ,who have NO AFFILIATION with Airbnb, please go away, and take your judgementalism with you.

Did I make that word up?


You are too kind…

They are another of our new members who has spent a whopping half hour here posting but not reading and thinks he is owed a living my airbnb as well as a platform from which to broadcast his complaints. Part of the entitled crowd it seems.


Me? Just an evidence based factualist!!


Jeremy: there must be some reason why you can’t take the insight that has been provided to you and choose to use it or not; rather than continue to harp on the same issue over and over again (your original post, and this one). I don’t understand why you hijacked this topic with the topic of your original post.

None of us are defending AirBNB; we are just giving you reality. These are extraordinary times and many of us believe that AirBNB is doing what they need to do to survive, as are most of us.

If you do get it, let’s all MOVE ON.

Otherwise we will assume that you are just here to be argumentative and disruptive.


There should have been lockdowns everywhere in the world , like a month ago, at least. Stop being part of the problem. These are human lives at stake.


The backup of supplies we had in the bathroom in our rental unit, off our family room, was really useful. If we did not have that, could have been some stressful moments. Also, of course having a full-size refrigerator back there was a great place to store essentials like milk, eggs and butter.

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Hello. New here. How is everyone?

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You might want to check prior topics before starting a new one


Welcome to the forum both.

As @HH_AZ suggests, do have a read through recent threads to catch up on where we are all at. The overall main message is that many of us are working hard at keeping each other’s spirits up.

I hope you feel able to contribute in similar fashion too. A lot of new folk have joined recently, some of whom only came to whinge about Airbnb, and have probably been surprised by the responses given, property managers in particular!


Currently not on AirBnB, only HomeAway/VRBO. Have no complaints so far. I really don’t know if it’s any good or not given the current situation. Need to give it a second year to figure things out.

The HomeAway forum is full of angry hosts complaining about the Covid mess. I’ve seen allegations that they aren’t making payouts at this time among others, but I don’t know for sure because I’m not on HA, only Airbnb.

I’m sure that this pandemic is impacting all hosts on all platforms everywhere.

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