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WTG Moderators!

I applaude your decision to limit the amount of anti-Air nonsense that was going on, as well as other aspects of the current crisis. Thank you for a voice of sanity in these trying times.

Ken Hulme
Poolside Cabana


Thank you Ken.

I think it’s going very well and I’m really pleased at our “community” here. I think many new members, even those who initially find our frankness off putting, will stick around. You are one of our longest tenured active members and a valued contributor. You never fail to offer and draft reviews for any who ask and you never ever sink to the level of anyone who sasses you.

I think I speak for all the mods when I say we appreciate you too.


Gwarsh, thanks…


I applaud the content, but have some reservations about the black background, which is popping up at the beginning of every thread.

It reminds me of the UK’s efforts to contain HIV in the '80’s, with the morbid public health adverts. One even depicted a tombstone.

Is it possible to change the colour perhaps?


I have no control over that. It’s much worse on the app than my desktop. I’d leave it as a pinned post and remove it as a banner but it seems to be effective in limiting the stream of nonsense. Since I posted it and closed an couple of threads things have been much nicer.

Thoughts on removing the banner? BTW, the information I read said users would be able to dismiss the banner but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

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@KKC And I noticed yesterday that the new members who just posted for the first time are ALL yelling about how Airbnb has screwed them over and how we should start a class action suit.

Not all of them, I’m a new member who doesn’t think we need a class action suit, and I don’t think lumping all new members like this is a great idea. No need to sow discord imo as we are all hosts looking to make it through these tough times.

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Just popping in to say hi - I’m sorry y’all are having such a rough time, and having to deal with forum newbies at the same time. Thinking of all my AHF “friends” and sending virtual hugs - and high fives to you awesome mods!


We had over 100 new sign ups in 24 hours yesterday. Most are reading, not posting. Posts on the internet are never a representative sample of anything, so there’s that.

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Looks like your situation was a blessing in disguise. You are always welcome here.

In the short-term, yes. Like a lot of LTR landlords, I’m now faced with tenants in very tenuous economic circumstances. There are very few “good moves” right now, so I’m focusing on being a decent human being, letting a month or two slide if it’s needed, because I can.

(I do still have a backup stash of TP at my rental, so there’s that.) :grin:


Many crowns in heaven, good karma and all that. Thanks for popping in.

I figure the surplus TP is proof of karma…:rofl:


I had about 30 rolls on hand and then ordered another case of 40 about 1.5 weeks ago. Being in NZ with my scientist friend served me well as she told me the shit was about to hit the fan. Too bad for others that my president was so intransigent.

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And the ex-moderators, too.


I’m on board too. I’m also appreciative of the efforts now and always of the moderators.

Now that most of us are practicing social distancing and probably spending too much time online, it is a welcome scene to have a the forum cleaned up from the multitude repetitive topics.

But please, while I like “nice”, don’t get carried away and be too nice … times like this we do need some entertainment. :grinning:


So you’re saying you want a new thread about washing the duvet covers?


I am hopeful we can come up with something new to debate rather than rehash duvet covers, pillows, white vs color linens, etc.

I’ll reiterate I always wash my (WHITE) duvet covers … but now I wash the pillow covers and bed covers between guests*

BUT I have removed the decorative pillows. It was a long fought battle that I lost! I now bow down to those on this forum who were so firm in demanding their removal.

*my last guest leaves on Thursday and then it will be quiet for awhile.


I am working on something. Gimme a minute.

Hmm I literally just bought some off-white duvet covers. I see what you guys are talking about

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