Wrong country on my host profile

My profile says that I live in Chinchinaada, India. I live in San Anselmo, California! I am not sure how long this issue has been going on but at least since Nov 26, 2019 when I contacted Airbnb. The issue is still not resolved and here is the response from Airbnb.

Airbnb Support

7:51 PM

Hello Catherine, this is Mark from Airbnb. I found out that there is ongoing issue with this concern. I’ll go ahead and file a report about it and please keep on checking your account from time to time until you see the changes on it. Thank you.

Is anyone else having this issue.

For months earlier this year, the “Lives in XXXX” was appearing in other languages. Somebody saud Airbnb is trying to mask guest locations as another way to avoid discrimination. I assume what you are experiencing is yet another software bug that is related to that effort.

I had a guest several months ago whose “lives in” was in Chinese. I informed them via the Air Messenger app and they changed it themselves.

Just go in to your account settings and re-set your info and save. It’s a glitch. They know. they don’t care.


I did try to change it but it just reverted back to India but since you mentioned it, I decided to try again. It worked! Thanks so much for the suggestion.


You are very welcome! Sometimes it takes multiple times to reset properly. Happy New Year!

I have been on both sides of this issue as well. Guest information isn’t correct on location all the time - sometimes it is there, other times not. As a Host (note, we have seen this address on this forum before): I am yet another ABB user in “Hudson, Ohio”.