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Wow! Frustration Booking My Own Airbnb Reservation

I’m trying to book an entire house in Costa Rica for next summer. Airbnb didn’t really have options that appealed to me but VRBO/HomeAway did. Three days ago I decided which house I wanted and it took 18 hours to find out they can’t reserve right now because of some problem with payments, etc. They will contact me in a few days when they are ready for the payment to go through, etc. I thought being willing to spend well north of $600 a night would get better service but apparently not. $6000+ tied up for a year in advance is a lot of money to me but I guess not to lots of people. [quote=“busymumsy, post:20, topic:6172”]

That same host who declined us, well the next day when I looked again, the place was available. I tried again, another decline. I suggested he might take it off the calendar.

That is infuriating.

Yes, it must be infuriating ~ but at the same time I am thinking, maybe the elephant in the room is that the host shares the mindset of some here ~ that it is not a good idea to have other Air hosts as guests for fear that they will overly be scrutinized. Who knows.

I cannot come up with any other explanation.

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I have stayed at 4 other ABBs and it never occured to me the hosts would be worried hosting me. They were all wonderful and great experiences and I got to meet all the hosts to compare notes. However, I did host a couple that were Hosts and they seemed to think they were superior initially, though in the end, they said I was doing a great job.

Also, I hosted two “Traditional B&B” owners who were some of the worst guests in terms of wanting to be ‘serviced’. I recommended they consider not travelling ABB in the future.

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@KKC, I want to travel with you. It sounds like you stay at some really nice places!

Ha! Thanks. The Costa Rica trip is a special event, my 60th birthday. 8-14 of my closest friends are going with me. I afford the occasional nice trip by sleeping in the back of my truck or on a friend’s couch in between splurges.

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