Would you respond

…to this review?

It was a nice studio apartment. Clean and quite neighborhood. However, one major drawback for business traveller there was no working internet. No work disk although there was a small bar style dinning table but would not take it as enough to do work comfortably. Other than that good place to stay.

It is not a studio, it is a one bedroom apartment.

The guest was unable to use the internet, I sent a technician who restarted the router, and everything worked fine again.

The table can be seen on the photos.

Normally, I would not respond, but this is just false information.

What would you do…?

I would respond but only saying that the WIFI does indeed work and just needed to be rebooted. That happens with all routers at some point. I’d also apologize for the inconvenience. Did you cut & paste their review here? If so, there a number of mistakes that don’t do anything to help the guest’s credibility as a business traveler."quite " instead of quiet. “disk” instead of desk. “dinning” instead of dining and just poor grammar and sentence structure. Airbnb even has spell check!

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Yes, but his native tongue is not English, and there were also communication problems with him.

Maybe he thinks a studio apartment is something else, since English is not his native tongue. Unless this is your only review, or it isn’t clear in your listing that the space is a one-bedroom apartment, I’d let that go. I agree with Mike_L - just apologize for the inconvenience of the WiFi and that you had it repaired within “X” hours.

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If you feel you MUST respond, simply say:

“We apologize that the router needed re-setting for the WiFi in our one bedroom (not studio) apartment. As you know it was up and running in (time)”

Since you didn’t post the link to your listing we can’t really tell how useful that table is. If others have successfully used it as a computer workspace then you could simply state “Previous guests have had no problem working on the dining table.”

I suspect he was looking for a “real” dedicated computer workspace, not just the dining table…