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Would you rent out your garage for more monthly income?


It’s not always that easy to tell @NordlingHouse as some new posters pose as hosts. Also some hosts here are interested in beta testing new products/providing feedback.

With surveys we agreed some time back to continue to let people post academic surveys but not those from people looking to develop new products.

If you see something which you feel breaks the forum rules do feel free to flag it to the mods and it can be closed or deleted.

They are generally posted under Tools, so you could put this forum on your ignore list.


Well, I’m going to disagree and say that, in theory anyway, I think it’s a brilliant idea! Lots of people are monetising their surplus assets these days and actually, it’s no different basically from using your spare room to host. And I bet none of those parcels would be giving you 1* reviews because your garage wasn’t “spotlessly clean”!


It’s always good to get information from valued members about such matters - thank you @NordlingHouse

It’s a very fine line we have to tread but in general, we abide by the guidelines set down by the owners of this website who believe in the concept of free speech basically.

As @Helsi pointed out, some members have benefitted from some of these postings.

We do tend to do that with a lot of posts. probably more than you realise. There are many, many scammy spammy posts that never see the light of day. (Example, just ten minutes ago I deleted one which I’m sure we’d all be interested in - an online casino :wink: )

We definitely rely on everyone here in the community to alert us when they see posts that are unsuitable and it’s excellent that members here do that. The moderators are all over the world so our different time zones means that at least one of us is lurking and keeping an eye on things at all times but we still rely on everyone’s help. Thanks!


I agree with the others that we aren’t going to just guillotine posters who offer something besides their sob story about an undeserved 4 stars on location.

In the past I’ve done a survey and got a $25 Amazon credit. I’ve gotten a set of towels for reduced price and I got two mattresses (a value of over $1800). I was given a complimentary one year subscription to a service that some people use here (and I wasn’t a moderator then, it was to thank me for my feedback).

I’d also like to point out that moderators volunteer their time here. So asking us to monitor every post and delete it before you have wasted precious seconds clicking on it is saying your time is more important than mine. Yes, it helps when people flag the posts instead of making random complaints in the thread.


Ok, so I don’t have a garage, but if I did- absolutely! I’m in NYC, and private driveways (not even covered) rent for $400-500/month. Actual garages rent for $500 and up.

So you’d have to offer a home owner more than that, for the increased activity and risk. (Every time the driver backs out, they risk damaging the garage)

Hope that helps!


For me, I guess there is no price because it would not be allowed under local zoning rules in my major metro area AND packages get stolen round here – your little robots would get mugged. But I guess that’s a different “risk vector.”

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