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Would you offer a charcoal grill or propane grill?

Yep, hands down…there’s nothing like charcoal-grilled food.

As long as you are getting the crowd that actually knows how to operate a grill or at least be aware of basic safety, and I think at your price point, you are indeed getting that, then I say keep it.
But when offering a place such as mine with a price range of $50-80 per night, basically, a really nice almost private hostel…sigh…I’m getting folks who have never operated such a device and don’t think ahead one little bit.
For instance…two late 20 somethings who are obviously very intelligent, with great jobs (their car cost more than my house). who at 830pm ask where the local butcher is located as they want to bbq a steak for the first time!
There is one streetlight in this town. So, yeah, plenty of my neighbors can butcher the buck they shoot…but umm…there is no decent steak for 30 miles lol.
You just have no idea how many calamities have happened (November, baked potato in the coals of a rip roaring fire, taken out by tongs, placed on pretty plate from Pier 1 that has been out in the cold air, so CRACK, there goes that $15 plate) and time sucking by my guests over the use of a grill.
Now, someone like me, when I rent your place…I’m already going to have my shrimp and chicken marinating, my veggies pre-cut seasoned, oiled, and in their foil packets, in my cooler when I arrive at your place :slight_smile:


Now I am worried. :frowning:

Oh gosh, didn’t mean to worry you! I think if you’ve not had any problems, then keep offering it! My point is that I had 3 problems…and I go by the three strikes rule :slight_smile:

I have replaced my original grill, which guests absolutely love, from charcoal to propane, and the same with the outdoor ‘firepit’, which they also love to use at night. Not the real thing granted, but they appreciate having both nonetheless. Both units are outside and tank supplying both is well,well away from both units.

Yes yummy carcinogens!

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I bave CBIZ liability insurance. They do not allow any grill. As you know, your homeowners insurance does. NOT APPLY to vacation renters. Policies that protect owners are very picky about potential risks like grills,fireplaces,bikes.

What about an electric grill?

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