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Would you like to have a free floor plan for your listing?


Hi All,

I am providing a free floor plan service for Airbnb hosts for the beta version.
If anyone is interested in having a floor plan for your listing, please let me know.
The reason why this is free is because I am doing a trial period and need to gain a feed back for improvements. So all I will be asking in return is how you found the floor plan and how you are satisfied with the quality of floor plan.

Btw floor plans has been a great tool to show your guests about your listing in a quick and easy way. You can also customise your floor plan’s room labels such as “Guest 1 bedroom”, Guest 2 bedroom", “Shared living room”, “Private living room”.

Thanks !


Hi, I’m interested in trying it out. Let me know how it works. Thanks


Thanks, I will send you msg shortly ! :slight_smile:


I’m very interested. I have two bedrooms, but because there is no door separating the guest space from my space I can not list it as ‘entire home’, so I can only list 1 bedroom. Confusing for guests and difficult to explain in the limited space available.

You’ll see how I’ve tripped over myself trying to get the words just right.
enter link description here


Hey dcmoonye,

I see what you mean. I checked your listing and think that floor plan with precise information would make it whole lot easier to communicate ! also no misleading information to guests and losing the feedback point :wink: I will send you a msg shortly :smiley:

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Sounds like a good idea. I’ll try it. Where on your AirBnB profile do you post it?


I’d be up for that! I’ll message you with my listings.


I’m interested too! I have an account with floorplanner.com which is ok, but you can only do a limited # of plans, and I have a number of listings. I think having a floorplan of the place is a big help and I’d love any/all info on this subject.


You can upload it as photo in your listing. You can go to https://www.cubi.casa/airbnb/ to make a free trial order. If you have a source material such as blue print then you can upload that otherwise you can sketch your own and upload that. I have made simple guide on how to draw your own floor plan.


Great to hear ! :slight_smile: Btw you can also do it on https://www.cubi.casa/airbnb/


Yes I have been getting interests from hosts who say that floor plan is what they need to explain parts of their place which was hard to describe in words. Any number of floor plan is also good. You can try it on https://www.cubi.casa/airbnb/ . Since you already have floor plans then just go to the site and upload it :slightly_smiling:


I would love to try this…it is a great idea.

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This is really good everyone! I tried it, it came back, I sent it back with a small revision and now its perfect!

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Thanks Jane,

Have you done the feedback?
In return for the floor plan, we would appreciate to get your feedback ! :smiley: If you dont mind, it would be great to send me your airbnb listing url or if you prefer, the screen shot of the floor plan being used in your listing to see that how our floor plans are used !

Feedback link : http://goo.gl/forms/jV2GQ5F3WG

Thanks !


Sure thing …


Hey i’d love to try this service and offer feedback. thank you!


Hey Katie,

You can submit your source material to me here or do a direct order via https://www.cubi.casa/airbnb/
We also created facebook group for hosts so they can get all the information on how to try this floor plan trial. You can see from here --> https://www.facebook.com/groups/1096157430415470/


I love my new floor plan THANK YOU

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