Would you host this guest? A topic for a private thread

I’ll admit, I am not a terribly frequent poster here, but I read everything. It’s not often I have an opinion that hasn’t already been expressed…so I feel little need to chime in on most days.

That said, maybe we need a “What would you do right now?” private post?

I had one yesterday that I ended up declining, but I’d love to know how other hosts would handle it, but in a private setting.


You can start one by sending a private message to forum members. More can be added at any time but only by invitation. To private message someone click on their name and a message option will show. At least on the website, it might look different on a mobile device. I’d be happy to participate in such a thread.

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As would I, though I am not as experienced as many here.

Yes great idea! There are often things I want to discuss, but not in view of the whole general public. @konacoconutz how could we go about setting this up? For members only?

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Garden you simply start a PM thread by PM just one person. You can add as many as you wish to the thread! But always include me! :laughing: Only because I am nosy, not because it’s required. :smiley:


I wouldn’t dream of starting a thread without you :joy: Airbnb queen of all knowledge! Notice how you’re pretty much my go-to person whenever I have a problem??


There have been a few instances in the past 6 months where I opted not to post something because of my awareness that not only is this a public forum, but that there are writers/reporters and even people from AirBNB that review this board occasionally. I have to assume that it’s part of someone’s job (prob some poor intern…) to peruse these types of sites for info/data collection on host practices.


I would like to be included as well. I have a question or 2 that I have been reluctant to post on a public forum.

Just to reiterate… there’s nothing to really join YET. It’s up to members to start their own threads and invite a few members. It’s best to have a topic you can focus on first.

@Natalie, just FYI, though … a while ago I also had a question I thought maybe not suitable for public discussion (the one about charging a friend to whom I’d offered a holiday) but I couldn’t think how to make it private. I therefore put it on the forum and found the wide range of responses from a large number (though one or two were not too pleasant!) really helpful in coming to a decision, more than I think I would have if I had just asked one or two people, even those whose opinions I most respect … I do get Chicago’s point about “spies” though (Dear Airbnb, I do love you really …honestly!)


I’m very similar. Read almost everyday (often have a good chuckle) but rarely post.

Hi @konacoconutz

I understand we can post and then manually invite members. But this is a little time consuming and relies on us remembering user names.

Would it be possible to create a sub forum that is only for members who have verified their profile with a link to their listing that we can use to discuss issues not suitable for a public forum?

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This would be a question for the owner of the forum. I think it would be possible but I think it would take some customization of the forum, and that’s something I don’t know anything about…

If you do host a PM thread, keep in mind, it’s limited to 500 replies and is automatically locked at 500 and there is no way to fix that. Also it’s not so much remembering who you invited, as that is listed, but just keeping track of your thread. You have to bookmark it or it will fade away if the conversation stalls. So there’s that.

What kind of private topic would you have in mind, if I may ask?

I thought there was already a sub forum, the Bad Guest lounge or something? It was mentioned a few times. Or was that just a private thread? Generally I am in favour of complete transparency and abhor private sub-groups that often generate a dominant clique, but maybe it would be quite good to have a private area where people can share their listing etc. Having said that, I wouldn’t post my listing in a private group either so I guess that’s a moot point!

I’m guessing @Natalie that you want to share a link to the person’s profile? Maybe you can simply outline the general issues and then share the sensitive stuff privately with members you feel comfortable with?

There are no sub forums. If there are, I am not aware of them.