Would you approve a potential guest who never reviews her hosts?

…but has good reviews herself?

Depends how much you need the booking and the reviews :wink:


Yes but knowing she doesn’t review I would skip reviewing her unless I had something I really needed to tell future hosts about her.


If I was near the percentage of stays vs reviews for Superhost, I might not be too inclined to welcome her knowing that her non-review might hurt my chances but if that isn’t the case then …

I agree with K9KarmaCasa and I’d accept her, but not contribute to her reviews unless I had something to share with future hosts.

I recently changed our goodbye message to thank people for staying, mentioning that reviews are an important part of the ABB process and that I am planning on giving them a good review (or 5*, if they deserve it). Then I wait a day or two. Nine out of ten guests have reviewed since I changed to that message. Curiosity gets the better of most of us, maybe?

Definitely accept. She could be a brilliant guest, recommend you to all her friend and become a repeat guest who stays with you time and time again. :slight_smile: