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Would this frustrate you?


Our house rules clearly say “no pets” and the girl renting our house this weekend, while we’re out of tow, saw that we had a dog and insisted we allow them to bring her friend’s dog stating it was: small, hypoallergenic, house-trained, etc. I politely declined, initially, but then she insisted we could make an exception. Sorry, but house rules stand. My dog is: hypoallergenic, only four pounds, and is very, well house-trained (she even rings a bell); however, if she doesn’t get the attention she demands, she WILL poop and pee on the floor–I get upset, and that’s MY dog in MY (brand new) house. (And, let’s face it: these girls will be partying and not paying attention to a dog). She’s asked three times and now I feel as if they know we’re not going to be home to even see if there’s a dog and will bring it anyway. What do I do if I find they do/did bring the dog?


Broken rules means they are out. Call airbnb and they will be out


Ah. I wasn’t sure how that worked. Thanks for letting me know. This may sound silly, but I’m thinking of leaving one of my dog’s treats on the floor in an inconspicuous area so I’ll know if they had a dog or not. lol.


lol that’s a good idea. Yes if house rules are broken on purpose like this especially with dogs they need to be out. My friend had a guest once who smoked in her house and another with house rules creaky stating ; no smoking. Airbnb deleted guests account after my friend complained as they already gave warning to them after first incident


Yes that would frustrate me and no I wouldn’t trust them not to bring the dog. If I were you I’d get a mate to stop by un-announced, onb the pretext of ‘checking everything’s okay’ and surprise them to see if there is a dog. Take a photo on the phone to prove it for you and then ensure you charge the earth for cleaning fees for the smell/hair blah blah if they’ve broken the house rules. Do you have a security deposit in place for your guests?


I would call Air and ask what happens if you find out a dog is there. Will Air still release the money to you even if the girls are kicked out as soon as they arrive? Do you have a neighbor who can keep an eye out?

I wouldn’t it put it past them to try to sneak the dog in. And I would be worried that the dog is not really house trained. I have a friend with a tiny little dog and it is not fixed. And that dog pees all over the place. There are pee pee pads laying everywhere and obviously that is just for looks - because that dog hikes it’s leg on anything.

This girl sounds very immature and I would be scared to have her staying in the home with or without the dog. She is already showing disrespect by not accepting your answer to not allow the dog. Will they also bring back a bunch of people and have a party?

I am sorry. I don’t mean to scare you but these girls would frighten me. If you prefer to not even have them stay I wonder if Air would cancel and not penalize you. It’s so not worth the potential urine markings or them having a party in your place.


i have an indoor camera in the common area of my house that i can check at any time from my computer. i rarely use it but if i had a situation like yours i probably would. there’s one at my front door as well. she’s being pretty pushy about it. as cabin says i might just decline her. especially since you won’t be there.


She said they found another option and it was only because the pet sitter fell through but I really do think they’re going to bring the dog. House rules are be courteous and treat our house as their own and: No pets. No parties and no rando’s lol. I have a neighbor that is attached to my house and multiple other neighbors that can report back; I’ll make that known.

I’ll let y’all know how things played out when we get back on Sunday.

-new, overprotective homeowner


Alicia, I don’t think u are overprotective. Pets are serious issue. And to insist on breaking your house rules is being disrespectful

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