Would love to get read receipts on messages

I use the ABB app a lot to communicate with my guests, being able to tell if a guest has read a message that you send them would be an amazing tool. A lot of chat apps like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger have this feature and it does come in handy.

We airbnb an entire house, and a lot of guests don’t respond to messages that I send so I can never be sure that they are even reading them. Also on the other side, it would be handy for a guest to tell if the host has read a message, as a lot of their messages are quite time sensitive.

Does anyone else have issues with guests ignoring messages?


That’s a good idea. Have you suggested it on Host Voice? You might get enough “likes” for Airbnb to take notice.

Yes I agree!! That is a fabulous idea!!! Sometimes I’m not sure if they have a wifi issue or what. I never know if they are just busy and ignoring me, having an awful time and ignoring me or just not getting a message. I debate whether to text them to follow up. It would be great to know a message was read.

It is frustrating isn’t it.

I send two messages and then if I get no response, I will email or text them.