Would anyone like to try my new photo inspection app?

Hey everyone, would anyone like to become a beta tester for my new inspection app and get free exclusive first-use access before it’s officially launched?

I developed this app as a result of a guest trashing my accommodation and vowed never to let this happen again. So Inspctr was developed allowing you to primarily take a series of photographs of each room using the app as well as rate and record the condition of specific areas and items, all done quickly and easily before your guests arrive and after they check-out.

For people living remotely from their accommodation and those relying on cleaners to maintain the high standards you set, this app has proved to be a huge success with my own tests I’ve carried out. After each guest checks-out my cleaners quickly carry out a walk-around inspection, press submit and I receive an email with a link to view the digital report containing a professional document collating all the inspection findings and all the photos. This photo feature is extremely useful as I can see for myself the exact state my property is in, without taking somebody else’s word for it. Check-in inspections and checklists are also available whether you clean the room yourself or have a team to do this, ensuring the room is exactly how you want it took without forgetting to dust the cobwebs away from the ceiling!

This is something I’m hugely passionate about as it has been built with my own experiences in mind. I’d really appreciate it if anybody on this wonderful forum would be willing to become a beta tester and use the app before it launches, for free of course.

Here’s the link to find out more:

Thank you and best wishes,


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I’ll try it. I am on site of my rental, but I can see where this app would also come in handy if there is a claim against the guest’s deposit. How long does the info stay on the app? Or does it have the capability of saving a document including photos?

Hello there, the app submits the inspection reports to our secure encrypted server and we ensure the data in the reports can’t be edited once an inspection has been completed.

Once you begin submitting inspections they are stored as long as your account is open with us, allowing you to build up a historical database of all the inspections over the years allowing you to look back in time at the condition of specific areas and items in your property.

All the photos and inspection data is stored in the cloud in one neat document which you can quickly access by logging into your own login on Inspctr online control panel which means you can access the digital reports from anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection.

If you have any more questions just give me a shout.


I signed-up. Looks like a great idea!

Thank you, and thanks for your feedback.

We’re still accepted beta testers if there is anyone else that would like to try my app before it’s launched?

It only takes 10 seconds to apply: https://inspctr.com/beta/



How many minutes does each inspection take?

That’s up to you … it’s your property so you inspect it as much or as little as you want