Would anyone find a supply management and notification tool helpful for prop management?

Hi hosts!

I’d love some feedback from the community here! I’m wondering if anyone has trouble managing the supplies for their properties? Specifically, would it be helpful to have a “Smart” system that plugged into your bookings and let you know ahead of time when you should go shopping for toiletries, linens, based off of the frequency of your bookings/seasonality/weather,etc? It could even pre-make an online shopping cart for you to order from almost like hotel logistics management system, but for bnb hosts and superhosts.

I’d love to see if anyone would find this useful and if supplies management is an issue for anyone out there. I’ve been reading this forum a lot and am excited to hear everyone’s opinions!


Nope. Not good for me. We have a single listing not a rental empire. I have a single cupboard filled with our replenishable supplies.

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thanks for your input!

To be honest, @herrobear, getting supplies is the least of a host’s problems. Most of the hosts who post here have been doing this for a long time so have got their supplies system very well sorted out.

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Nope, it’s enough work navigating the ABB platform.

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