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Worst Host Ever

Ok so would love some advice! My fiery side really wants to leave a bad review for a host. You see I just stayed in Bangkok for a few days and my host was an absolute wanka, excuse the language but no other description better describes him. He was rude, and a I don’t give a "s###t " type of host. And he’s apartment was disgusting and dirty. So my question is I am a host myself , I full time Airbnb my property out. I know as soon as I hit this guy with a bad review be will turn it around on me. Can this effect my hosting listing and peoples opinions of whether to book through me ? Although from experience I believe guests definitely get the upper hand when it comes to reviews.

It will not affect your hosting or your listing I am sure. You need to leave an honest review and save other guests from the same awful experience you just paid for.

Keep it short and factual. Don’t call him a wanka or be overly opinionated. You could say something like. "Unfortunately my experience at X’s place was nothing like I had expected given that I host myself. I did not feel welcome and it was clear that X had not had time to clean his apartment before my stay. I would not choose to stay here again.’

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Short and factual (but general) but negative in the Public review, as Wiburforce suggests. Use the Private response part of the review to lay out for the host how disgustingly bad you though his place was, and why. Then in the section where you’re asked if there is anything you want to tell AirBnb about your experience, go into real detail.

A couple years ago we stayed at a very bad (for a variety of reasons) place in the Florida Keys. Among other things, the host opens the door without even knocking, and walks in on us; and she tried to charge a cash only cleaning fee outside Air system. We did exactly as I outlined, and she was gone from AirBnb within a week.

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Also, they can’t see your review until after they review as well. I’d wait until day 13-14 to leave the review so that they can’t respond to it. Call Air and explain the situation and ask when the end of the window is in your time zone so that you can get the review in and leave him maybe even minutes to see it and respond. Leave it short and factual.

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